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ConSol CM – Connect up your processes to form true Workflows

What is ConSol CM?

ConSol CM is a process management platform with which you can digitalize the processes and procedures in your company. It offers three off-the-shelf solutions – CM/Ticketing, CM/Helpdesk and CM/Complaint, which are preconfigured and have functionalities that enable you to begin work immediately with CM. And if you have specific business cases, we use ConSol CM to transform your individual processes into software.

How you
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The level of digitalization in your company is one of the decisive factors for your success. Perhaps you have already digitalized some of your processes, but are still working analog at key interfaces? With ConSol CM we help you:

  • Make your work processes more efficient,
  • Make your work processes more transparent for everyone involved,
  • React more quickly to customer demands or changing business requirements,
  • Motivate your staff and management with faster, top quality work results.

And save time and resources by no longer having to support, maintain and analyze analog and digital processes in parallel. You need digital experts on board to help with your digitalization?   Then talk to us!

ConSol CM Grows with Your Needs

ConSol CM can be tailored flexibly to your needs or changes in your business. Thanks to its modular system, we can configure your solution to suit your requirements at any time. And with our add-ons we also offer you further functionalities to expand your system if desired. ConSol CM grows with your business, because the resources are scalable at all times. You can choose ConSol CM as an on-premises solution within your IT infrastructure or as a cloud solution.

ConSol CM is Versatile

ConSol CM is at home in nearly all industries and fields where teams work on tasks and with processes that are to be digitalized. All users of ConSol CM, as well as your customers and staff, benefit from efficient workflows that improve your services. For your perfect CM experience we offer you both flexible out-of-the-box products and the option of digitalizing your specific processes from the ground up.

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