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Automotive – Competitive Edge with Excellent Processes

The automotive industry is one of the pioneers when it comes to Business Process Management (BPM) and Case Management: Manufacturers and suppliers have early recognized that they can optimize their business processes company-wide with appropriate solutions. The main goals are to save costs, avoid errors and react quickly to new market demands.

There is a wide range of application possibilities: Car manufacturers, for example, use the solution to control customer service processes and to handle and evaluate all inquiries from prospects, customers and dealers IT-assisted: ConSol CM offers professional sales management from the initial contact to contract conclusion.

ConSol CM Fields of Application: Lead Management, Sales Management

Our customer is a German premium car manufacturer. The professional initial contact and a significant, measurable contribution to business development are first priority when dealing with prospective buyers. In order to target customer loyalty even more precisely in a competitive market, the company relies on ConSol CM for lead management and inbound sales. The software supports all processes from handling customer inquiries up to scheduling, data maintenance and performance measurement.

ConSol CM Field of Applicationt: Complaint Management

Our customers are two well-known German automobile manufacturers. In order to be able to provide their customers with optimum support in the event of a complaint, the affiliated brand dealers can forward all of their end customers' complaints relating to the vehicle to the manufacturers. The notification can be made by telephone, e-mail or via an integrated dealer portal. Complaints are centrally recorded, classified and processed via the ConSol CM software. This includes, for example, sub-processes such as the review of time spans for warranty and goodwill processes as well as the review and release of reimbursements.

ConSol CM Fields of Application: ITSM, User Management

The MAN Financial Services service brand comprises financial services such as financing, leasing and insurance as well as the fuel and service card known as MAN Card. MAN Financial Services manages the necessary IT applications in-house. The process management software ConSol CM controls the internal ITSM processes in order to be able to eliminate technical faults. The software is used in the fields of incident management, change management, problem management as well as demand management and request fulfillment.
New in 2019 are processes for assigning application rights for various IT applications: The CM controls the user management for new hires, departures, parental leave or changes of department. Functions for personnel managers to give permissions or to distribute tasks are also integrated.