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With the ConSol CM/Enterprise Suite, companies model and digitize their individual business process landscape. Whether it's internal processes, external processes with customers, suppliers or partners, or a mix of these, the ConSol CM case management software provides the flexibility you need. Changes can be implemented easily and as needed during ongoing operations. Here you can find more information about the case management software ConSol CM/Enterprise-Suite.

AOK Bayern

ConSol CM Field of Application: Management of Errors in the Treatment, IT Service Management, Methadone Case Management

AOK Bayern has successfully implemented the ConSol CM process management solution to combat fraud in the healthcare sector. In the first two years of use Bavaria’s largest health insurance company uncovered illegalities in the use of financial resources worth more than 13 million euros in the first two years. .
The solution helps to standardize business processes. In addition to faster workflows, ConSol CM creates a high degree of transparency and synergies between divisions. This simplifies the detection of irregularities, illegal or improper use of financial resources.
The new interface to SAP provides ConSol CM with daily updated data of the insured persons as well as service providers.

Dubai Health Authority

ConSol CM Field of Application: Healthcare System

The Dubai Health Authority has successfully completed a comprehensive digitization project with the communication platform ConSol CM. Before a work visa or residence permit is handed over in Dubai, people have to pass a health check. The administrative workload of more than two million visa applications per year further raises due to the numerous process participants such as health authorities, health centres and immigration authorities.
As part of Dubai's smart city strategy and the consistent introduction of digital technologies in public administration, the effort had to be reduced. The aim of the Dubai Health Authority was the complete digitalization of the health check process – from the application in so-called Typing Centers to health check-ups, the notification of the applicants by SMS or e-mail and the feedback of the results to the immigration authorities. The integration of a wide range of systems, applications and databases was absolutely essential for process automation. The implementation of the solution, including testing and approval, took place within six months.

ConSol CM Field of Application: Application Management, Process Management

ConSol CM, the process management software developed by ConSol, is being employed by the City of Munich within the Corona Emergency Relief Program (Corona-Soforthilfe-Programm) of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy (Bayerische Staatsministerium für Wirtschaft, Landesentwicklung und Energie). Based on ConSol CM, the application management has been automated which resulted in accelerating the entire procedure of processing, considering, and approving the application for emergency relief. This again makes for an even faster provision of financial support to the companies that suffer hardship through the Corona crisis.

Before, the City of Munich had already employed ConSol CM successfully in its Department of Labor and Economic Development. The new module now makes life a lot easier for the respective employees in charge.

ConSol CM Field of Application: Customer Relationship Management

Munich’s Referat für Arbeit und Wirtschaft (Department of Labor and Economics) started the project "OptiKuM – Optimization of Customer Relationship Management" to optimize customer-oriented business processes. The City of Munich therefor announced an EU-wide call for tenders for a customer relationship management software. ConSol won the tender and focused on the project’s objective: To simplify and accelerate the communication of the various departments with their customers using a central and efficient IT solution. The staff should benefit from system-assisted processes, better documentation and traceability of individual processes, less effort in data maintenance, improved information management and user-friendly communication tools. Since ConSol CM is always flexibly adaptable, the solution could be integrated into the existing system landscape and fulfilled all infrastructural and security requirements.

ConSol CM Fields of Application: Customer Service, Complaint Management, Returns Management, Facility Management, Booking Processes for Rooms and Catering

Our customer is a manufacturer of luxury fashion and clothing. Due to its flexibility, scalability and high usability, the company decided to use ConSol CM in various divisions. In Customer Care & Retail Care, ConSol CM is used to process complaints and feedback on goods (clothing) in direct contact with end customers or the retail stores. An interface to DHL and UPS is used to generate return labels. The solution previously used in the EMEA region is now being extended to the US market.
In Facility Management, ConSol CM receives messages from stores via the portal on the subject of damage or general issues related to building management and forwards them to a service provider. ConSol CM is also used internally as a room and catering booking system. Tickets for room bookings, seating arrangements and media equipment as well as catering are created via the portal and processed in various workflows.

Eblinger & Partner

ConSol CM Fields of Application: Order Processing and Project Management, Recruiting, Sales Management, Internal Administrative Processes

An expert in recruiting, personnel selection and human resources development, the Eblinger & Partner Personal- und Managementberatungs GmbH in Austria counts among the top ten in the industry. ConSol CM supports the company on various levels: the human resources consulting in all relevant procedures of order processing and project management like recruiting and selecting personnel, in sales ConSol CM supports customer acquisition as well as the existing customer business and finally it also supports all process controlled internal administrative processes.

Due to ConSol CM, Eblinger & Partner are now able to enter applications automatically via email and web. The software’s high flexibility grants each consultant the requested overview of his current recruiting projects including an appointment coordination – any time at any place. Thanks to the comprehensive search functions, applicant information from earlier projects can always be included.

Europ Assistance

ConSol CM Field of Application: Digitization and cross-linking of core processes

Automation and und optimization of business processes are obligational for each company. The insurer’s IT therefore took on the task to consistently interlink core processes digitally and thus interconnect individual processes cross-workflow. The ConSol solution also offers specialist departments and business analysts the opportunity to model processes largely independent of the IT. State-of-the-art web technologies for a simple and intuitive design of business process are available via the user interface. The administration tool allows for a targeted ConSol CM management. A graphical configuration supports the process design and business processes may be flexibly tailored by means of intuitively operable modelling tools.

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