Complaint Management References

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Complaints cost companies time and money and annoy customers. Companies in the production and service sector use our ConSol CM/Complaint solution to process complaints and warranty claims as quickly, efficiently and reliably as possible. Reduce your internal costs, retain your customers and eliminate weak points sustainably. Find out more about our complaint management software ConSol CM/Complaint here.


ConSol Field of Application: Complaint Management

Highest product quality and detailed knowledge of customer needs are the pillars of HARIBO's success since 1920. Consumer service as a point of contact plays a central role. The Bonn-based gummy bear producer therefore records and processes all end consumer inquiries using the ConSol CM complaints management software.
Whether inquiries about ingredients and sources of supply, requests for donations or complaints – every customer contact by e-mail, fax, telephone or post is recorded in ConSol CM in a new process. The clearly defined editing processes with the software's workflow editor ensure efficiency in the processing of inquiries. Thanks to shortened processing times, each customer quickly receives an individual and non-standardized feedback – a decisive factor for customer satisfaction, especially in the case of complaints.


ConSol CM Field of Application: Complaint Management

With around 1,400 employees, the Heimbach Group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of inserting paper machines . The market is under high competitive pressure. This makes it all the more important for Heimbach to satisfy its worldwide customers, i.e. paper manufacturers and paper machine manufacturers. By using ConSol CM, the company ensures greater transparency and efficiency in the processing of customer complaints.
Complaints can be easily prioritized, clearly assigned to the responsible processor and fully documented. The authorized employees have access to all contact data and the processing status at any time. ConSol CM therefor accesses data from an existing internal application based on Java and Oracle.
The high-performance search function makes it easier to look up the entire complaint file in ConSol CM. In addition, comprehensive evaluation options ensure sustainable optimization of internal processes and product quality. The reports go directly into Heimbach’s quality management.

ConSol CM Field of Application: Complaint Management

Our customers are two well-known German automobile manufacturers. In order to be able to provide their customers with optimum support in the event of a complaint, the affiliated brand dealers can forward all of their end customers' complaints relating to the vehicle to the manufacturers. The notification can be made by telephone, e-mail or via an integrated dealer portal. Complaints are centrally recorded, classified and processed via the ConSol CM software. This includes, for example, sub-processes such as the review of time spans for warranty and goodwill processes as well as the review and release of reimbursements.


ConSol CM Field of Application: Complaint Management, IT Service Management (according to ITIL)

The professional and rapid handling of complaints is an indispensable quality criterion for the car wash manufacturer WashTec. Therefor the Augsburg-based mechanical engineering company relies on the web-based ConSol CM software for internal complaint management – with the aim of shortening communication channels for technical questions and suggestions.
ConSol’s solution convinces with its modular structure: True to the motto "think big, start small", different service modules can be integrated step by step into the service management solution. In addition, every recorded complaint, a ticket, documents reproducible knowledge. In order to exploit this valuable data pool, WashTec decided to implement the ConSol knowledge database as well. It requires very little configuration effort and helps the customer service staff to solve queries and problems quickly.

ConSol CM Fields of Application: Customer Service, Complaint Management, Returns Management, Facility Management, Booking Processes for Rooms and Catering

Our customer is a manufacturer of luxury fashion and clothing. Due to its flexibility, scalability and high usability, the company decided to use ConSol CM in various divisions. In Customer Care & Retail Care, ConSol CM is used to process complaints and feedback on goods (clothing) in direct contact with end customers or the retail stores. An interface to DHL and UPS is used to generate return labels. The solution previously used in the EMEA region is now being extended to the US market.
In Facility Management, ConSol CM receives messages from stores via the portal on the subject of damage or general issues related to building management and forwards them to a service provider. ConSol CM is also used internally as a room and catering booking system. Tickets for room bookings, seating arrangements and media equipment as well as catering are created via the portal and processed in various workflows.

Flughafen Frankfurt

ConSol CM Field of Application: Passenger Complaint Management

One of the world's largest airport operators, Fraport AG, organizes complaint management at Frankfurt Airport with the Customer Service Management (CSM) solution ConSol CM. The aim of the measure called 'Impulse Management' is to use a central solution for the receipt and processing as well as for the analysis and evaluation of customer feedback. Feedback of all kinds is bundled in ConSol CM as a platform and recorded for further processing in order to be able to react even faster and more effectively – especially in case of complaints. Feedback can now be analyzed across divisions and recommendations for action can be derived from it. The system is being continuously expanded.

Flughafen München

ConSol CM Field of Application: Passenger Complaint Management

Munich Airport, recently again named "Europe's best airport" at the annual World Airport Awards presented by Skytrax, London's renowned aviation research institute, relies on ConSol CM for complaint management.
The flexible software is already established at several airports and integrates Business Process Management (BPM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionalities. All suggestions for improvement and complaints from airport guests are handled by a central dialogue management system. Munich Airport improves customer loyalty by responding promptly and individually.

Mitsubishi Electric

ConSol CM Field of Application: Complaint Management

A company’s success largely depends on the satisfaction of customers and partners, which also includes the efficient processing of complaints. For this purpose, the German branch of Mitsubishi Electric Automotive employs the ConSol CM solution. Using ConSol CM, Mitsubishi Electric covers all of the complex processes of complaint management. In this field, ConSol CM maps all basic functions of a ticket system, including assigning tickets to respective editors, absence management, resubmission function, traceability of each individual ticket as well as the possibility to supplement tickets with additional information like comments or attachments.

To Mitsubishi Electric, the new integrated procedural landscape based on ConSol CM offers indeed extensive advantages. Friction losses between QA department, customers, and manufacturing are eliminated and so are system and media gaps. From cross-linking of different sectors through better communication to an optimized traceability: The ConSol solution offers greater efficiency and transparency for the entire process. Another great advantage of the new procedural landscape comes with the centralized data management. And, not least, does the ConSol solution’s high automation level reduce the number of manual tasks and thereby also potential sources of error.