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Energy & Service Suppliers – Sustainable Optimization of Processes

The digitization platform ConSol CM combines flexible business process design with integrated customer data management. Energy suppliers and service providers can thus adapt their customer-related business processes such as customer service and support very flexibly to new framework conditions or legal requirements. Processes are modeled in a graphical user interface and partially or fully automated by a powerful process engine.

Through the integrated customer data management of ConSol CM, companies can directly link process handling to their customer data. The staff can read from its web-based user interface what information is already available about a customer. Inquiries can be answered quickly and precisely – and so customer satisfaction increases. At the same time, ConSol CM ensures consistent transparency. Communication with customers is completely documented and can be evaluated in detail in order to further optimize processes.

ConSol CM Fields of Application: Support, Warranty and On-site Service Processes

With ConSol CM, ABB has further developed its standardized, global 24/7 technical support: The process management software enables ABB to establish a uniform international process organization and to centrally manage all support, warranty and on-site service processes of the unit "Marine and Ports Services". Cross-national analyses significantly improve service quality.
The project is managed by the Norwegian ABB national company, where ConSol CM is implemented and centrally administered and maintained. ConSol CM is currently used in Norway, Finland, Singapore, Italy and 14 other countries.

ConSol CM Fields of Application: Order Processing, IT Helpdesk

For several years now, the Münchner Stadtentwässerung (municipal sewerage company of Munich) has been successfully automating its own IT processes with ConSol CM. Now the entire order processing is optimized with ConSol CM and thus even faster and more effective. Incoming orders can be linked directly to the relevant data from shafts, machines and control systems.
As soon as the order is done, all relevant results are entered into the system and the ticket is closed. The system "learns" from the recorded results and provides important additional information in case of a new error message.

ConSol CM Fields of Application: Order Processing, IT Service Management (According to ITIL)

As one of the leading energy service providers in the field of consumption-based billing for heat and water, speed and professional service are essential for KALORIMETA GmbH. A perfectly functioning IT infrastructure is the basic prerequisite for fast and correct billing. Therefore, KALORIMETA relies on an IT Service Desk according to ITIL V3 (IT Infrastructure Library) and thus on quality-tested IT standards. The ConSol CM helpdesk solution ensures that IT queries in first and second level support run smoothly.