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Finance & Insurance – Streamline Customer Processes for More Transparency

ConSol CM has been successfully used for many years in numerous companies in the finance and insurance industry – including Axa Assistance, Barmenia Versicherungen, the Federal Finance Agency. Among other things, banks, insurance companies and financial service providers use the digitization platform to improve customer service, make processes more efficient and to fasten process inquiries.

In addition, complete process documentation helps to ensure compliance with legal requirements and guidelines. For example, ConSol CM supports the implementation of BaFin requirements in complaint management.

ConSol CM Field of Application: Customer Service

The Abrechnungszentrum Emmendingen (ARZ) helps health insurance companies to increase their efficiency and performance and is a reliable partner in accounting and document management. Since 2005, the Central Service Center (CSC) – divided into front and back office – has been processing its customer inquiries with the customer service management solution ConSol CM. The CSC front office records every incoming service request in a ticket, which runs through defined workflows in ConSol CM. Inquiries can thus be routed quickly and specifically to the correct contact person.
In the course of a comprehensive restructuring in 2009, all specialist departments were also connected to ConSol CM and the overarching processes were moved to the centre of attention in order to ensure software-assisted ticket processing without media disruptions.

ConSol CM Fields of Application: Management of Errors in the Treatment, IT Service Management, Methadone Case Management

AOK Bayern has successfully implemented the ConSol CM process management solution to combat fraud in the healthcare sector. In the first two years of use Bavaria’s largest health insurance company uncovered illegalities in the use of financial resources worth more than 13 million euros in the first two years. .
The solution helps to standardize business processes. In addition to faster workflows, ConSol CM creates a high degree of transparency and synergies between divisions. This simplifies the detection of irregularities, illegal or improper use of financial resources.
The new interface to SAP provides ConSol CM with daily updated data of the insured persons as well as service providers.

ConSol CM Fields of Application: Customer Service, Complaint Management

The Finanzagentur is responsible for borrowing and debt management at a federal level. For almost two years, the tasks of the company have also included the private customer business with German government securities and the maintenance of the federal debt register. In order to deal with the enormous number of customer inquiries in connection with the debt register, the authority made its decision for ConSol CM to handle all complaints and processes electronically.
Two important criteria for ConSol CM were the powerful workflow editor for fast and flexible adaptation of business processes and the integrated escalation mechanisms.

ConSol CM Field of Application: Internal IT Support

The two AXA Assistance locations in Munich and Frankfurt an der Oder use ConSol CM for their internal IT support. More transparency and efficiency concerning helpdesk processes support the continuous optimization of IT infrastructure and service quality.
AXA Assistance opted for the ConSol solution primarily because of its high level of flexibility: The powerful workflow engine allows the specific service processes at AXA Assistance to be recorded quickly and easily. Thanks to its intuitive usability, the training effort is low and AXA Assistance can carry out the administration and expansion of the system itself.

ConSol CM field of Application: Internal IT Support

Barmenia Versicherungen relies on the service management software ConSol CM for internal IT support for around 1,600 office employees. It saves a lot of time and money in dealing with the everyday problems of IT users. ConSol already provided a tailor-made helpdesk system for the test operation. After only three days in parallel operation with the old software, the decision in favor of ConSol CM was made and the new solution was used productively. The users could work out the handling themselves and the task completion had become far more effective.

ConSol CM Fields of Application: ITSM, User Management

The MAN Financial Services service brand comprises financial services such as financing, leasing and insurance as well as the fuel and service card known as MAN Card. MAN Financial Services manages the necessary IT applications in-house. The process management software ConSol CM controls the internal ITSM processes in order to be able to eliminate technical faults. The software is used in the fields of incident management, change management, problem management as well as demand management and request fulfillment.
New in 2019 are processes for assigning application rights for various IT applications: The CM controls the user management for new hires, departures, parental leave or changes of department. Functions for personnel managers to give permissions or to distribute tasks are also integrated.