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HARIBO: Efficiency in Consumer Service

Highest product quality and detailed knowledge of customer needs are the pillars of HARIBO's success since 1920. Consumer service as a point of contact plays a central role. The Bonn-based gummy bear producer therefore records and processes all end consumer inquiries using the ConSol CM complaints management software. Whether inquiries about ingredients and sources of supply, requests for donations or complaints – every customer contact by e-mail, fax, telephone or post is recorded in ConSol CM in a new process. The clearly defined editing processes with the software's workflow editor ensure efficiency in the processing of inquiries. Thanks to shortened processing times, each customer quickly receives an individual and non-standardized feedback – a decisive factor for customer satisfaction, especially in the case of complaints.

ConSol Field of Application

Complaint Management




Food Production


ConSol CM

Wrap up

Around 20 employees in HARIBO's consumer service department record and process all product inquiries and complaints from end customers in ConSol CM.


  • Halving the processing time of complaints - increasing customer satisfaction
  • Maximum transparency in customer contacts
  • Improved cause control and fault elimination
  • Diverse evaluation options for quality assurance and product development