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Health & Social Affairs – More Time for Care

As a digitization platform with comprehensive functions in business process management (BPM), customer relationship management (CRM) and case management, ConSol CM is suitable for all business processes in which employees of an organization communicate directly with people. These processes contain service offerings for patients or relatives or user support for industry applications such as hospital information systems.

Adaptation to individual processes and requirements is very easy with the integrated Process Designer. Institutions in the health and social sector use ConSol CM for the optimization of their very specific processes.

ConSol Field of Application: Healthcare System

The Dubai Health Authority has successfully completed a comprehensive digitization project with the communication platform ConSol CM. Before a work visa or residence permit is handed over in Dubai, people have to pass a health check. The administrative workload of more than two million visa applications per year further raises due to the numerous process participants such as health authorities, health centres and immigration authorities.
As part of Dubai's smart city strategy and the consistent introduction of digital technologies in public administration, the effort had to be reduced. The aim of the Dubai Health Authority was the complete digitalization of the health check process – from the application in so-called Typing Centers to health check-ups, the notification of the applicants by SMS or e-mail and the feedback of the results to the immigration authorities. The integration of a wide range of systems, applications and databases was absolutely essential for process automation. The implementation of the solution, including testing and approval, took place within six months.

ConSol CM Fields of Application: Management of Errors in the Treatment, IT Service Management, Methadone Case Management

AOK Bayern has successfully implemented the ConSol CM process management solution to combat fraud in the healthcare sector. In the first two years of use Bavaria’s largest health insurance company uncovered illegalities in the use of financial resources worth more than 13 million euros in the first two years.
The solution helps to standardize business processes. In addition to faster workflows, ConSol CM creates a high degree of transparency and synergies between divisions. This simplifies the detection of irregularities, illegal or improper use of financial resources.
The new interface to SAP provides ConSol CM with daily updated data of the insured persons as well as service providers.

ConSol Field of Application: Internal IT Support

Around 1,200 people with disabilities live and work in the homes and workshops of the GWW. In order to enable them to participate in social life, 17 organizations – administrative districts, large district principal towns and associations for the disabled – have joined forces to form the GWW. Previously, GWW's approximately 700 employees had made their IT Inquiries via a complex ticketing system developed in-house without escalation options. Today, ConSol CM controls the entire IT support.
The powerful workflow engine of ConSol CM allows to record all work and communication processes in detail, to extend and adapt all work processes at any time during operation and to monitor them closely by reporting. ConSol CM makes reaction and solution times significantly faster and thus improves employee satisfaction.