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User Helpdesk and IT Service Management: Optimize your internal services!

Your demands on the quality and efficiency of your internal services are high. With our helpdesk, ITSM and ticketing solutions, companies accelerate their (IT) organization and optimize their services. The advantage: more employee satisfaction. Thanks to the extensibility of our solution, new processes can be easily added at any time during operation. Learn more about our ConSol CM/ITSM Helpdesk & ITSM software.

ConSol CM Field of Application: Internal IT Support

The two AXA Assistance locations in Munich and Frankfurt an der Oder use ConSol CM for their internal IT support. More transparency and efficiency concerning helpdesk processes support the continuous optimization of IT infrastructure and service quality.
AXA Assistance opted for the ConSol solution primarily because of its high level of flexibility: The powerful workflow engine allows the specific service processes at AXA Assistance to be recorded quickly and easily. Thanks to its intuitive usability, the training effort is low and AXA Assistance can carry out the administration and expansion of the system itself.

ConSol CM field of Application: Internal IT Support

Barmenia Versicherungen relies on the service management software ConSol CM for internal IT support for around 1,600 office employees. It saves a lot of time and money in dealing with the everyday problems of IT users. ConSol already provided a tailor-made helpdesk system for the test operation. After only three days in parallel operation with the old software, the decision in favor of ConSol CM was made and the new solution was used productively. The users could work out the handling themselves and the task completion had become far more effective.

ConSol CM Fields of Application: ITSM, User Management

The MAN Financial Services service brand comprises financial services such as financing, leasing and insurance as well as the fuel and service card known as MAN Card. MAN Financial Services manages the necessary IT applications in-house. The process management software ConSol CM controls the internal ITSM processes in order to be able to eliminate technical faults. The software is used in the fields of incident management, change management, problem management as well as demand management and request fulfillment.
New in 2019 are processes for assigning application rights for various IT applications: The CM controls the user management for new hires, departures, parental leave or changes of department. Functions for personnel managers to give permissions or to distribute tasks are also integrated.

ConSol CM Fields of Application: Requirements Management, Customer Service, License Management, Sales Management

Gutenberg Rechenzentrum GmbH & Co KG (GRZ) is one of the leading IT service providers for the media industry. GRZ's customers include large regional and national newspapers in Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, Hesse and Saxony.
The versatile customer management solution ConSol CM optimizes several business processes at GRZ: On the one hand, ConSol CM is the organizational center for requirements management in the development of the standard software VI&VA (publisher information and sales application). ConSol CM is also used for the service desk and customer management. GRZ adapts ConSol CM independently to the requirements and records its own processes for quotation management, license management and sales processes.

ConSol CM Fields of Application: Customer Service, Internal IT Support, Measurement Data Analysis and Error Tracking

The Krone Group, manufacturer of agricultural machinery and commercial vehicles, has brought its service management for agricultural machinery onto a uniform IT platform. Krone relies on ConSol CM for this: Customer service and the internal IT department now benefit from consistent and fast processing processes. In Customer Service, ConSol CM uses an automated search to display possible solutions when creating a new transaction. The corresponding machine data from the SAP system is provided by an ETL interface implemented by ConSol.
With the connection to Krone's machine analysis application, the service technicians collect measurement data from agricultural machines and evaluate error messages on site throughout Germany. In the internal IT department, ConSol CM is available to IT service employees as a process-specific ticketing solution, and the Nagios monitoring solution has also been linked to the process software.

ConSol CM Fields of Application: Internal IT Support, ITSM after ITIL

Doka GmbH is regarded as a technological leader in its core areas of concrete system formworks and shopfitting. With the helpdesk solution ConSol CM, more than 200 employees at Doka's internal IT helpdesk look after 7,000 employees worldwide. The software is used in the areas of incident management for the treatment of malfunctions, change management for password changes etc. as well as for IT orders. Via a web portal all employees can open new tickets or check the processing status of open tickets.

ConSol CM Fields of Application: Complaint Management, IT Service Management (according to ITIL)

The professional and rapid handling of complaints is an indispensable quality criterion for the car wash manufacturer WashTec. Therefor the Augsburg-based mechanical engineering company relies on the web-based ConSol CM software for internal complaint management – with the aim of shortening communication channels for technical questions and suggestions.
ConSol’s solution convinces with its modular structure: True to the motto "think big, start small", different service modules can be integrated step by step into the service management solution. In addition, every recorded complaint, a ticket, documents reproducible knowledge. In order to exploit this valuable data pool, WashTec decided to implement the ConSol knowledge database as well. It requires very little configuration effort and helps the customer service staff to solve queries and problems quickly.

ConSol CM Fields of Application: Management of Errors in the Treatment, IT Service Management, Methadone Case Management

AOK Bayern has successfully implemented the ConSol CM process management solution to combat fraud in the healthcare sector. In the first two years of use Bavaria’s largest health insurance company uncovered illegalities in the use of financial resources worth more than 13 million euros in the first two years. .
The solution helps to standardize business processes. In addition to faster workflows, ConSol CM creates a high degree of transparency and synergies between divisions. This simplifies the detection of irregularities, illegal or improper use of financial resources.
The new interface to SAP provides ConSol CM with daily updated data of the insured persons as well as service providers.

ConSol CM Fields of Application: Order Processing, IT Service Management (According to ITIL)

As one of the leading energy service providers in the field of consumption-based billing for heat and water, speed and professional service are essential for KALORIMETA GmbH. A perfectly functioning IT infrastructure is the basic prerequisite for fast and correct billing. Therefore, KALORIMETA relies on an IT Service Desk according to ITIL V3 (IT Infrastructure Library) and thus on quality-tested IT standards. The ConSol CM helpdesk solution ensures that IT queries in first and second level support run smoothly.

ConSol Field of Application: Internal IT Support

Around 1,200 people with disabilities live and work in the homes and workshops of the GWW. In order to enable them to participate in social life, 17 organizations – administrative districts, large district principal towns and associations for the disabled – have joined forces to form the GWW. Previously, GWW's approximately 700 employees had made their IT Inquiries via a complex ticketing system developed in-house without escalation options. Today, ConSol CM controls the entire IT support.
The powerful workflow engine of ConSol CM allows to record all work and communication processes in detail, to extend and adapt all work processes at any time during operation and to monitor them closely by reporting. ConSol CM makes reaction and solution times significantly faster and thus improves employee satisfaction.

ConSol CM Field of Application: Product Inquiries and Processing of Returns, IT Helpdesk

The ElectronicPartner group, headquartered in Düsseldorf, is one of the largest trading companies for consumer electronics, IT and telecommunications in Europe. The company offers customers tailor-made service, competent advice and high-quality products. The growing number of e-mail inquiries in the central customer advisory office made it necessary to introduce a business process management software. After a three month pilot phase, ConSol CM was put into operation. The BPM software has been in use at ElectronicPartner for more than five years, has been continuously expanded since then and now supports a large number of service processes. We created workflows for product inquiries and returns processing, developed e-mail forms and integrated them into the workflows. On top of that, the IT helpdesk was integrated multi-client capable.

ConSol CM Fields of Application: Order Processing, IT Helpdesk

For several years now, the Münchner Stadtentwässerung (municipal sewerage company of Munich) has been successfully automating its own IT processes with ConSol CM. Now the entire order processing is optimized with ConSol CM and thus even faster and more effective. Incoming orders can be linked directly to the relevant data from shafts, machines and control systems.
As soon as the order is done, all relevant results are entered into the system and the ticket is closed. The system "learns" from the recorded results and provides important additional information in case of a new error message.

ConSol CM Field of Application: Internal IT Support

For the Data Processing Centre for Justice at the Stuttgarter Oberlandesgericht (Higher Regional Court), approximately 70 employees, splitted in groups such as notaries/land registry offices, courts/public prosecutors' offices and Forumstar (court automation programme with uniform, multidisciplinary form design) work with ConSol CM. All inquiries concerning the IT for the used specialist applications are received by e-mail or telephone at the corresponding hotline of the central Data Processing Centre Justice and run through ConSol CM workflows in so-called service tickets. ConSol CM guarantees reporting functions due to its data warehouse module, which is linked to Pentaho. This open source software replaces Oracle Apex. Process-relevant information is stored in the ConSol CM data warehouse. It is available for data analysis, for example to optimize IT utilization.

ConSol CM Field of Application: Internal IT Support

The state capital Potsdam employs approximately 1,900 people to handle administrative tasks. The majority of employees and civil servants do their work on PCs, so that about 1,450 PCs and 1,000 printers have to be maintained. The city administration's IT service uses the ConSol CM process management system.
Helpdesk staff particularly appreciate the high level of transparency of incoming orders and order processing. Thanks to automated process steps, tickets can now be handled around 25 percent faster. This creates a high level of customer satisfaction, which in turn has a positive effect on the work of the helpdesk staff.

ConSol CM Field of Application: Customer support (1st, 2nd and 3rd level)

The Austrian company NTS New Technology Systems GmbH has developed a comprehensive solution comprising both an easy-to-use POS solution as a front end for external ERP systems as well as a comprehensive retail management system. The focus is on the development, implementation and support of high-quality service systems for demanding service and trading companies. For this reason, professional and personal customer care is the most important guiding principle in NTS's corporate philosophy.
ConSol CM is used for software support (1st, 2nd and 3rd level) for customers and a constantly growing number of partners worldwide. The CM/Track module provides a web portal that directly integrates customers and partners into business and communication processes. In addition, the system is used for handling a number of internal processes.

ConSol CM Field of Application: IT Service Management (ITIL)

The Allgäuer Käserei Champignon is known for its artisan tradition, the high quality of its products – and for its Camembert. Whether it may be quality, product safety, hygiene or IT, the cheese dairy needs the right processes. In order to improve all of it in the area of IT service management, the milk processing company decided several years ago to introduce the ConSol CM BPM solution based on ITIL for the internal helpdesk.