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ConSol CM in the Production & Service Sector

Service quality is crucial for the success of service companies. With ConSol CM and the IT services of ConSol, service providers are in a position to fulfil customer wishes even better.

ConSol CM Fields of Application: Customer Service, Complaint Management, Returns Management, Facility Management, Booking Processes for Rooms and Catering

Our customer is a manufacturer of luxury fashion and clothing. Due to its flexibility, scalability and high usability, the company decided to use ConSol CM in various divisions. In Customer Care & Retail Care, ConSol CM is used to process complaints and feedback on goods (clothing) in direct contact with end customers or the retail stores. An interface to DHL and UPS is used to generate return labels. The solution previously used in the EMEA region is now being extended to the US market.
In Facility Management, ConSol CM receives messages from stores via the portal on the subject of damage or general issues related to building management and forwards them to a service provider. ConSol CM is also used internally as a room and catering booking system. Tickets for room bookings, seating arrangements and media equipment as well as catering are created via the portal and processed in various workflows.

ConSol CM Field of Application: Customer support (1st, 2nd and 3rd level)

The Austrian company NTS New Technology Systems GmbH has developed a comprehensive solution comprising both an easy-to-use POS solution as a front end for external ERP systems as well as a comprehensive retail management system. The focus is on the development, implementation and support of high-quality service systems for demanding service and trading companies. For this reason, professional and personal customer care is the most important guiding principle in NTS's corporate philosophy.
ConSol CM is used for software support (1st, 2nd and 3rd level) for customers and a constantly growing number of partners worldwide. The CM/Track module provides a web portal that directly integrates customers and partners into business and communication processes. In addition, the system is used for handling a number of internal processes.

ConSol CM Field of Application: IT Service Management (ITIL)

The Allgäuer Käserei Champignon is known for its artisan tradition, the high quality of its products – and for its Camembert. Whether it may be quality, product safety, hygiene or IT, the cheese dairy needs the right processes. In order to improve all of it in the area of IT service management, the milk processing company decided several years ago to introduce the ConSol CM BPM solution based on ITIL for the internal helpdesk.

ConSol Field of Application: Complaint Management

Highest product quality and detailed knowledge of customer needs are the pillars of HARIBO's success since 1920. Consumer service as a point of contact plays a central role. The Bonn-based gummy bear producer therefore records and processes all end consumer inquiries using the ConSol CM complaints management software.
Whether inquiries about ingredients and sources of supply, requests for donations or complaints – every customer contact by e-mail, fax, telephone or post is recorded in ConSol CM in a new process. The clearly defined editing processes with the software's workflow editor ensure efficiency in the processing of inquiries. Thanks to shortened processing times, each customer quickly receives an individual and non-standardized feedback – a decisive factor for customer satisfaction, especially in the case of complaints.

ConSol CM Fields of Application: Order and Project Processing, Recruiting, Sales Management, Internal Administration Processes

As an expert in HR and HR development, Eblinger & Partner Personal- und Managementberatungs GmbH ranks among the top 10 recruiting companies in Austria. ConSol CM Version 6 supports in the areas of personnel consulting (personnel search and selection), sales (new customer acquisition and existing customer business) as well as in all process-driven internal administrative matters. With ConSol CM, Eblinger & Partner can now automatically capture applications via e-mail and web. Due to the high flexibility of the software, every consultant has the desired overview of his current recruiting projects including appointment coordination. With the comprehensive search functionality, applicant information from previous projects can also be integrated at any time.

ConSol CM Fields of Application: Sales Management, Customer Service

KYOCERA Document Solutions Inc., the well-known supplier of output solutions, has been using the complete ConSol CM CRM product range since 2005. After only two months of implementation, the pilot solution went live. Since then it has undergone continual expansion to add processes and users.
The Web-based ConSol solution, which KYOCERA Document Solutions Inc. calls KYOonedesign, unites different data sources in a single customer-data platform that manages the entire sales cycle for KYOCERA Document Solutions Inc. Marketing, Sales and Service pool their information: The platform coordinates the resources for enquiries, info materials, customer management, service tickets and more - everything is now handled on the same platform.
The result: The three departments have reduced their overall workload and benefited from data maintenance synergies, significantly improving their customer service outcomes.

ConSol CM Field of Application: Order Processing

The WISAG Facility Service Holding uses ConSol CM as customer service management software to organize the processes for the division WISAG Gebäudereinigung. With the help of the solution, order processing at WISAG Gebäudereinigung was made much more effective, processes were optimized and all data required for processing a transaction was made available in ConSol CM. As a result, WISAG Gebäudereinigung has a better overview of customer data and can act more quickly.