Sales Management and Lead Management References

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With our sales management and lead management solutions, companies from a wide range of industries manage their new and existing customers' sales enquiries until they are successfully concluded. Thanks to process automation, ConSol CM supports the processing of leads; a variety of dashboards and reports provide forecasts and statements on sales results at all times. So you always keep the overview. Find out more about our Sales Management Software CM/Sales here.

Gutenberg Rechenzentrum

ConSol CM Field of Application: Requirements Management, Customer Service, License Management, Sales Management

Gutenberg Rechenzentrum GmbH & Co KG (GRZ) is one of the leading IT service providers for the media industry. GRZ's customers include large regional and national newspapers in Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, Hesse and Saxony.
The versatile customer management solution ConSol CM optimizes several business processes at GRZ: On the one hand, ConSol CM is the organizational center for requirements management in the development of the standard software VI&VA (publisher information and sales application). ConSol CM is also used for the service desk and customer management. GRZ adapts ConSol CM independently to the requirements and records its own processes for quotation management, license management and sales processes.

ConSol CM Field of Application: Lead Management, Sales Management

Our customer is a German premium car manufacturer. The professional initial contact and a significant, measurable contribution to business development are first priority when dealing with prospective buyers. In order to target customer loyalty even more precisely in a competitive market, the company relies on ConSol CM for lead management and inbound sales. The software supports all processes from handling customer inquiries up to scheduling, data maintenance and performance measurement.

ConSol CM Field of Application: Customer Relationship Management

Munich’s Referat für Arbeit und Wirtschaft (Department of Labor and Economics) started the project "OptiKuM – Optimization of Customer Relationship Management" to optimize customer-oriented business processes. The City of Munich therefor announced an EU-wide call for tenders for a customer relationship management software. ConSol won the tender and focused on the project’s objective: To simplify and accelerate the communication of the various departments with their customers using a central and efficient IT solution. The staff should benefit from system-assisted processes, better documentation and traceability of individual processes, less effort in data maintenance, improved information management and user-friendly communication tools. Since ConSol CM is always flexibly adaptable, the solution could be integrated into the existing system landscape and fulfilled all infrastructural and security requirements.

KYOCERA Document Solutions

ConSol CM Fields of Application: Sales Management, Customer Service

KYOCERA Document Solutions Inc., the well-known supplier of output solutions, has been using the complete ConSol CM CRM product range since 2005. After only two months of implementation, the pilot solution went live. Since then it has undergone continual expansion to add processes and users.
The Web-based ConSol solution, which KYOCERA Document Solutions Inc. calls KYOonedesign, unites different data sources in a single customer-data platform that manages the entire sales cycle for KYOCERA Document Solutions Inc. Marketing, Sales and Service pool their information: The platform coordinates the resources for enquiries, info materials, customer management, service tickets and more - everything is now handled on the same platform.
The result: The three departments have reduced their overall workload and benefited from data maintenance synergies, significantly improving their customer service outcomes.

Eblinger & Partner

ConSol CM Fields of Application: Order Processing and Project Management, Recruiting, Sales Management, Internal Administrative Processes

An expert in recruiting, personnel selection and human resources development, the Eblinger & Partner Personal- und Managementberatungs GmbH in Austria counts among the top ten in the industry. ConSol CM supports the company on various levels: the human resources consulting in all relevant procedures of order processing and project management like recruiting and selecting personnel, in sales ConSol CM supports customer acquisition as well as the existing customer business and finally it also supports all process controlled internal administrative processes.

Due to ConSol CM, Eblinger & Partner are now able to enter applications automatically via email and web. The software’s high flexibility grants each consultant the requested overview of his current recruiting projects including an appointment coordination – any time at any place. Thanks to the comprehensive search functions, applicant information from earlier projects can always be included.

Swiss Life

ConSol CM Fields of Application: Sales & Lead Management, Customer Service

The service organization of Swiss Life Germany's sales forces consists of two departments: a central customer service center focusing on the end customer and a distribution partner service, which is responsible for the sales force advisors. There are numerous overlaps between the two service organizations, which in the past were difficult to map in terms of IT and processes. There was also a lack of a direct connection to the backend of all applications used. Swiss Life Germany has now mastered these challenges with ConSol CM. ConSol's solution has put Swiss Life Germany’s sales and service organization on a solid and future-proof foundation and has established a uniform application across all teams. It is easy and intuitive to use and has interfaces to the backend so that processes are designed more consistently. "With ConSol CM, we have made our service organization fit for future requirements, such as new business models," explains Jens Marquardt, Sales Service Director at Swiss Life Germany. "This includes simple and flexible process organization, which we are now implementing in our service with ConSol CM. The application can be operated without training effort, can be easily integrated into existing infrastructures and offers a 360-degree view of customers, products and processes."