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Thrill your customers in customer service, customer support and complaint management!

Our customer service solutions support companies in processing customer service enquiries, complaints or technical malfunction reports in a uniform, simple and customer-oriented manner throughout the company. The intelligent workflow engine of the ConSol CM/Customer Service software uniformly controls the processing flow and ensures compliance with all specifications and deadlines. This enables you to achieve excellent customer service with lean processing. In addition, customer feedback, causes of complaints and malfunctions can be analyzed and improvement measures derived. Find out more about the ConSol CM customer service software here.

Abrechnungszentrum (ARZ) Emmendingen

ConSol CM Field of Application: Customer Service

The Abrechnungszentrum Emmendingen (ARZ) helps health insurance companies to increase their efficiency and performance and is a reliable partner in accounting and document management. Since 2005, the Central Service Center (CSC) – divided into front and back office – has been processing its customer inquiries with the customer service management solution ConSol CM. The CSC front office records every incoming service request in a ticket, which runs through defined workflows in ConSol CM. Inquiries can thus be routed quickly and specifically to the correct contact person.
In the course of a comprehensive restructuring in 2009, all specialist departments were also connected to ConSol CM and the overarching processes were moved to the centre of attention in order to ensure software-assisted ticket processing without media disruptions.

Gutenberg Rechenzentrum

ConSol CM Field of Application: Requirements Management, Customer Service, License Management, Sales Management

Gutenberg Rechenzentrum GmbH & Co KG (GRZ) is one of the leading IT service providers for the media industry. GRZ's customers include large regional and national newspapers in Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, Hesse and Saxony.
The versatile customer management solution ConSol CM optimizes several business processes at GRZ: On the one hand, ConSol CM is the organizational center for requirements management in the development of the standard software VI&VA (publisher information and sales application). ConSol CM is also used for the service desk and customer management. GRZ adapts ConSol CM independently to the requirements and records its own processes for quotation management, license management and sales processes.

ConSol CM Field of Application: Customer Service, Customer Support

The IT service provider Tech Data has specialized in an area that is of existential importance for most companies: data management solutions. In addition to selling the corresponding hardware and software, the company also offers extensive support throughout Europe. In the specially established hotline, customers receive technical support for all questions and problems.
The web-based software ConSol CM is the technical equipment of the hotline, whose employees are located at distributed locations within Europe. It ensures that all support requests are centrally recorded, quickly distributed and processed.


ConSol CM Field of Application: Product Inquiries and Processing of Returns, IT Helpdesk

The ElectronicPartner group, headquartered in Düsseldorf, is one of the largest trading companies for consumer electronics, IT and telecommunications in Europe. The company offers customers tailor-made service, competent advice and high-quality products. The growing number of e-mail inquiries in the central customer advisory office made it necessary to introduce a business process management software. After a three month pilot phase, ConSol CM was put into operation. The BPM software has been in use at ElectronicPartner for more than five years, has been continuously expanded since then and now supports a large number of service processes. We created workflows for product inquiries and returns processing, developed e-mail forms and integrated them into the workflows. On top of that, the IT helpdesk was integrated multi-client capable.

Eblinger & Partner

ConSol CM Fields of Application: Order Processing and Project Management, Recruiting, Sales Management, Internal Administrative Processes

An expert in recruiting, personnel selection and human resources development, the Eblinger & Partner Personal- und Managementberatungs GmbH in Austria counts among the top ten in the industry. ConSol CM supports the company on various levels: the human resources consulting in all relevant procedures of order processing and project management like recruiting and selecting personnel, in sales ConSol CM supports customer acquisition as well as the existing customer business and finally it also supports all process controlled internal administrative processes.

Due to ConSol CM, Eblinger & Partner are now able to enter applications automatically via email and web. The software’s high flexibility grants each consultant the requested overview of his current recruiting projects including an appointment coordination – any time at any place. Thanks to the comprehensive search functions, applicant information from earlier projects can always be included.

Stadtentwässerung München

ConSol CM Field of Application: Order Processing, IT Helpdesk

For several years now, the Münchner Stadtentwässerung (municipal sewerage company of Munich) has been successfully automating its own IT processes with ConSol CM. Now the entire order processing is optimized with ConSol CM and thus even faster and more effective. Incoming orders can be linked directly to the relevant data from shafts, machines and control systems.
As soon as the order is done, all relevant results are entered into the system and the ticket is closed. The system "learns" from the recorded results and provides important additional information in case of a new error message.


ConSol CM Field of Application: Customer support (1st, 2nd and 3rd level)

The Austrian company NTS New Technology Systems GmbH has developed a comprehensive solution comprising both an easy-to-use POS solution as a front end for external ERP systems as well as a comprehensive retail management system. The focus is on the development, implementation and support of high-quality service systems for demanding service and trading companies. For this reason, professional and personal customer care is the most important guiding principle in NTS's corporate philosophy.
ConSol CM is used for software support (1st, 2nd and 3rd level) for customers and a constantly growing number of partners worldwide. The CM/Track module provides a web portal that directly integrates customers and partners into business and communication processes. In addition, the system is used for handling a number of internal processes.

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