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Trade, Logistics & Transport – Control of the Communication Flow

ConSol CM helps suppliers from the retail, logistics and transport sectors to perfect their communication and interaction with customers. No matter whether you want to automate processes in customer service, speed up the handling of complaints or search for a solution for efficient lead management: ConSol's digitization platform supports every business process initiated by the customer.

With the integrated customer data management and the simple connection of different business applications, all information required by trade, logistics and transport companies for fast and comprehensive customer service can be combined. The responsible employees can check the current status at a glance. Important for internationally operating companies and providers with numerous branch offices: ConSol CM is accessible from any location via the web-based user interface.

ConSol CM Fields of Application: Customer Service, Complaint Management, Returns Management, Facility Management, Booking Processes for Rooms and Catering

Our customer is a manufacturer of luxury fashion and clothing. Due to its flexibility, scalability and high usability, the company decided to use ConSol CM in various divisions. In Customer Care & Retail Care, ConSol CM is used to process complaints and feedback on goods (clothing) in direct contact with end customers or the retail stores. An interface to DHL and UPS is used to generate return labels. The solution previously used in the EMEA region is now being extended to the US market.
In Facility Management, ConSol CM receives messages from stores via the portal on the subject of damage or general issues related to building management and forwards them to a service provider. ConSol CM is also used internally as a room and catering booking system. Tickets for room bookings, seating arrangements and media equipment as well as catering are created via the portal and processed in various workflows.

ConSol CM Field of Application: Product Inquiries and Processing of Returns, IT Helpdesk

The ElectronicPartner group, headquartered in Düsseldorf, is one of the largest trading companies for consumer electronics, IT and telecommunications in Europe. The company offers customers tailor-made service, competent advice and high-quality products. The growing number of e-mail inquiries in the central customer advisory office made it necessary to introduce a business process management software. After a three month pilot phase, ConSol CM was put into operation. The BPM software has been in use at ElectronicPartner for more than five years, has been continuously expanded since then and now supports a large number of service processes. We created workflows for product inquiries and returns processing, developed e-mail forms and integrated them into the workflows. On top of that, the IT helpdesk was integrated multi-client capable.

ConSol CM Field of Application: Passenger Complaint Management

One of the world's largest airport operators, Fraport AG, organizes complaint management at Frankfurt Airport with the Customer Service Management (CSM) solution ConSol CM. The aim of the measure called 'Impulse Management' is to use a central solution for the receipt and processing as well as for the analysis and evaluation of customer feedback. Feedback of all kinds is bundled in ConSol CM as a platform and recorded for further processing in order to be able to react even faster and more effectively – especially in case of complaints. Feedback can now be analyzed across divisions and recommendations for action can be derived from it. The system is being continuously expanded.

ConSol CM Fields of Application: Customer Service, Customer Support

EURO-LOG AG, headquartered in Hallbergmoos near Munich Airport, is one of the leading providers of IT and logistic services. With its own data centers, innovative applications and individual connections, more than 80 employees ensure the end-to-end efficiency of logistic processes between suppliers, logistic service providers, trade, industry and customers.
If the customer is satisfied, so is the service provider: Professional CSM and fast and efficient processing of customer inquiries are high priorities for EURO-LOG. For this reason, the Customer Support Center (CSC) department is already successfully using the web-based ConSol CM software for customer support.

ConSol CM Field of Application: Passenger Complaint Management

Munich Airport, recently again named "Europe's best airport" at the annual World Airport Awards presented by Skytrax, London's renowned aviation research institute, relies on ConSol CM for complaint management.
The flexible software is already established at several airports and integrates Business Process Management (BPM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionalities. All suggestions for improvement and complaints from airport guests are handled by a central dialogue management system. Munich Airport improves customer loyalty by responding promptly and individually.