Case Management: Processing
Individual Cases Effectively

The Case Management Software ConSol CM/Enterprise
allows you to always control even
complex processes safely & transparently.

Digitalize your individual processes. Integrate procedures throughout your company. Remain as flexible as necessary.

Case Management requires a software with a high degree of flexibility and scope for the users – since their expertise and experience are at the center of processing.

Offer your case managers the optimum support including information and collaboration or interaction possibilities for effectively processing even complex cases.

Whether it is about an inquiry, an incident, a service request or a decision process, about banking, insurance, healthcare or authorities – ConSol CM allows you to cover every possible case management and enables your employees to see the process through to its successful conclusion.

Maximum Customizability – Our Case Management Solution Turns Your Workload Into a Workflow


More than ONE Process

Our  Prozess Engine  is a powerful tool: Digitally cover both case management and other business-critical processes & automate any workflow department- or company-wide.


Maximum Configurability

With the   Low Code Platform  as a basis you are flexible: easily adapt workflows to changes and create new solutions yourself. Your users become your process developers & managers.


Made in Germany

We guarantee the legally compliant handling of your data at all times. We know the GDPR requirements & address all   Security Aspects  with our "made in Germany" solution.

Our Integrated Search simply finds everything when you urgently need information: Whether tracing a project status, reconstructing processes, searching for participants, recovering a previous communication or extracting data from a closed project: with ConSol CM Search, you'll always find what you're looking for.

What Makes Case Management Special?

The special challenge in Case Management is to be able to break away from a rigid process sequence in certain cases. Sometimes the process needs to be shortened, sometimes an additional decision thread has to be included. A good case management system complies with the case and does not force it into a rigid procedure.

Your Plus in Case Management with ConSol CM

Constant Transparency

Keep an eye on the current processing status: The clearly designed representation of the process chain always displays to your processors what to do.

Bundle all relevant data in one case: This could include case-specific data, persons involved or other items (e.g. documents, products, accounts).

Find necessary information in a matter of seconds: Our global search function enables you to search all data and documents in real time.

Easy Collaboration

Subject-oriented chats with your colleagues: The internal chat-system allows quick exchange of knowledge. Also, other teams can be informed of important events as well.

Use the internal mail function for documented exchange: Communicate with customers, partners, and colleagues directly from the process workflow – all documented in accordance with audit requirements.

Create subtasks and track their processing: Globally available activities enable you to distribute and track additional tasks, e.g. research tasks.

Reliable Automation

Meet defined deadlines: The integrated SLA management allows you to individually control response times – it also reminds you in time of approaching deadlines.

Reliably integrate other departments: The workflow selectively forwards requests and supervises their timely processing.

Be guided through the processes: Due to workflow logic, in every process step the necessary forms for data validation or loading will be presented actively to your employees.

Onboard BI & Analysis Tools Included

Keep an eye on all data up-to-date: At any given time, our real time dashboards provide you with an overview of all open and completed activities.

Create targeted result reports: On demand, the integrated data warehouse will provide all performance data.

Run ad hoc analyses as required: Use the integrated web-based BI tools for fast creation of ad hoc data queries.

Flexible Process Design

Control tasks according to your own specifications: Our intelligent process logic automates routine tasks and interacts with third-party systems if required, e.g. for data enhancement.

Customize ConSol CM according to your requirements: Flexible Modelling tools enable you to adapt processes and data fields, combined with parameterized business logic.

Have the system grow with your enterprise: No matter what changes you will encounter – ConSol CM will grow with you and your requirements.

Interconnected Data Integration

Minimize parallel access to various systems: Tap into external data sources and integrate them directly context-sensitive into individual cases.

Secure standardized data structures without duplicates: Have ConSol CM act as central database or use the read access to other master data systems.

Use data from third-party applications: By using webhooks you can import data into your processing operations, e.g. from purchase applications, social media platforms or chat tools.

Case Management Software ConSol CM: References

Here you find some references regarding our individual enterprise projects from various sectors.

Added Values for Targeted Case Management


Individually Adaptable

In ConSol CM you create your specific custom data models and workflows – and you may adapt them at any time when necessary. Since your processes are as unique as is your business.


Easy to Use

The web-based ConSol CM Client is clearly structured and user-friendly designed. This makes onboarding much easier, minimizes the error rate and promotes a happy workplace.




The workflows defined in ConSol CM grant top efficiency and quality. They safely guide the user towards the solution – no matter how many cogs must mesh. All steps are reproducible.


Welcoming Integration

In terms of integration, ConSol CM proves to be extremely flexible. Due to its open interface concept for the integration of third-party systems and cutting-edge interface technologies ConSol CM can be integrated into any other IT landscape.



Reports and analyses in ConSol CM provide a solid base for critical business decisions. This information provides safety – especially when time is of the essence.



The ConSol CM multi-client capability allows for separating processes, client- and process data. This way the system can be extended by adding new processes. Various departments or subsidiaries can be interconnected within one system.

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