CRM with ConSol CM

Still using Excel sheets or already managing?
Do you actually know your customers genuine demands?

Learn about the advantages of an intelligent CRM system.

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management denotes the strategy of designing and continuously improving the relationship with existing and potential customers. Accordingly, a CRM system may include various components – depending on the customer relationship processes to be mapped.

ConSol CM offers operational CRM with 4 selectable sub-areas

CM/Sales: Processing of Leads, Offers, Orders, Sales ManagementCM/Complaint: Processing Claims & ComplaintsCM/Helpdesk: Technical Customer Support, Internal User HelpdeskCM/Customer Service: Process Customer Requests, Customer Service

CRM Software: ConSol CM is the unbeatable customizable process management solution for all CRM scopes of application

No matter which scope of application you are focusing on for your customer relationship management: The common denominator is our extremely customizable ConSol CM software based on a low code platform. It allows you to easily modify workflows to changes. Due to our powerful process engine, newly added workflows can be digitally mapped and automated. So, no more Excel sheets or email floods to be edited by hand just to get eventually lost in a low process nirvana.

What makes your work easier on top: Our extremely efficient search tool allows you to find all the things you did not expect to ever find again. This way, you can close communication gaps, reproduce procedures, and have all information at hand in order to keep working.

Maximum Customizability – Our CRM Software Turns Your Workload Into a Workflow


More than CRM

Our  Prozess Engine  is a powerful tool: Digitally cover both CRM and other business-critical processes & automate any workflow department- or company-wide.


Maximum Configurability

With the   Low Code Platform  as a basis you are flexible: easily adapt workflows to changes and create new solutions yourself. Your users become your process developers & managers.


Made in Germany

We guarantee the legally compliant handling of your data at all times. We know the GDPR requirements & address all   Security Aspects  with our "made in Germany" solution.

Our Integrated Search simply finds everything when you urgently need information: Whether tracing a project status, reconstructing processes, searching for participants, recovering a previous communication or extracting data from a closed project: with ConSol CM Search, you'll always find what you're looking for.