Keep your service promises.
Process customer inquiries across channels.
Simplify the work of your employees.

Make work easier for your employees

Automatically convert incoming requests into tickets: Whether via web form or e-mail - new requests are automatically entered and assigned to the right customer.

Don't worry about responsibilities: Thanks to workflow logic, processes are automatically forwarded to the responsible teams or employees depending on the topic.

Keep your customers up to date: Save valuable time with flexible auto-response features and configurable sample texts for email responses.

Find the right answers quickly

Get a quick overview: The intelligent full-text search provides all the information your employees need in real time.

Use FAQs to find solutions at a glance: Simply send suitable sample solutions to your customers by e-mail.

Use a 360-degree view of your customers: Bring additional data, e.g. product information from ERP systems, into an overview.

Offer your customers the service they wish to experience

Keep your service promises: The integrated SLA control enables you to control reaction times individually – and reminds you in good time.

Reliably integrate other specialist departments: The workflow forwards enquiries in a targeted manner and monitors timely processing.

Ask your customers how good your service is: Automated feedback processes ask for customer experience and provide information about improvement potential.

Analyze the quality of your customer service

Keep an eye on all data updated on a daily basis: Our real-time dashboards give you an overview of open and closed activities at all times.

Make targeted service analyses. The integrated data warehouse provides you with all performance data on demand.

Track your customer satisfaction: Evaluate customer feedback cyclically and get warned in case of negative ratings.

Adapt ConSol CM to your service processes – and not vice versa.

Control customer inquiries according to your specifications. Our intelligent process logic automates routine tasks, forwards requests in a targeted manner and monitors your to-dos.

Tailor CM/Customer Service to your needs: Flexible modeling tools allow you to adapt processes and data fields.

Let the system grow with your organization. No matter what changes you intend to make – CM/Customer Service grows with you and your requirements.

Actively involve your customers – with elegant self service

Offer your customers a personal service area. Our interactive customer portal offers your customers better service and more efficiency.

Keep your customers informed about their order status. The online order tracking is always up to date and saves you the time of having to call your customers back.

Share your know-how with your customers. Set up sample solutions, tips and current news and keep your customers up to date.

Your added value for the best customer service



With ConSol CM, you set standards in service quality for your customers – thanks to freely definable SLAs and processing deadlines, controlled by the workflow and securely monitored.



Whether telephone, e-mail, customer portal or Facebook: Record customer inquiries uniformly and centrally throughout your company – no matter which channel they use to reach you.


Easily customizable

Highest service quality sets you apart from your competitors. Adapt all standard processes and data structures in ConSol CM exactly to your needs. The customer-focus always in mind.


Can be used company-wide

Departments, branches, subsidiaries – simply integrate other company departments and ensure reliable and uniform processing of all customer requests.



Data silos were yesterday. The ConSol CM customer service platform offers flexible interfaces, for example to ERP systems, other master data systems and specialist applications.


Quality Assurance

With ConSol CM you get better and better. Thanks to the integrated data warehouse, you can evaluate all processes for your quality management and effectively increase customer loyalty.