With ConSol CM/ITSM in your Helpdesk & Support you accelerate your IT organization according to proven ITIL standards. Direct inquiries and error messages to the responsible 1st and 2nd level teams in your IT service and link them to stored configuration items (CIs). The ITSM software automatically performs SLA calculations in the background. Generate targeted problems and changes for tracking and evaluate malfunctions – for example according to causes or CIs.

IT Service Management with ConSol CM

Solving Malfunctions & Inquiries Quickly. Tracking Problems & Changes. Targeted Analyzing of Causes.



  • Incoming messages by e-mail, monitoring software or via your own portal
  • Transfer of attachments and descriptions when creating tickets
  • Structured fault reporting based on defined mandatory fields and form data
  • Automatic SLA allocation and calculation based on priorities and incident type

1st Level

  • Own 1st level area for the acceptance and classification of new tickets
  • Assigning a CI from the integrated CMDB to a Ticket
  • Forwarding within the 1st level team or transfer to 2nd level support
  • Setting resubmissions and pausing the SLA Timer
  • Summary of several incidents into one major incident

2nd level

  • Processing of dedicated 2nd level tickets
  • Contextual communication between 1st level, 2nd level and the detector
  • Opening up a problem possible at any time
  • Solution or return of the ticket to 1st level


  • Communication of the solution back to the portal and to the notifier/initiator
  • Documentation of solution times for reporting
  • Possibility for the notifier to accept the implementation or reopen the ticket


  • Opening via an Incident-Ticket
  • Manual process start for proactive analysis
  • Automatic creation and linking of a known error

Evaluation &

  • Assessment of the problem and its categorisation
  • Allocation of team or personal tasks for analysis
  • Cause identification and linking with affected CIs


  • Classification of solution type and description
  • Creating a change cicket
  • Release of the known error and control over the success of a change process


  • Opening via a problem ticket or manually
  • Definition of urgency, impact and risk level
  • Acceptance and processing by different teams


  • Creation of an implementation plan
  • Definition of start and end date as well as of change category and change class
  • Creation of tasks incl. target date and milestones


  • Auto-response confirmation e-mails
  • Release by a service executive approver
  • Release by a CAB approver
  • Logging the release or rejection

Implementation & Review

  • Logging of the implementation process
  • Completing the individual tasks
  • Completion of the change and review by problem manager

User Interface

The heart of the ITSM software guides the user through the planned process activities – and presents all relevant data at a glance, intuitively and safely.


Self Service Portal

Integrate employees directly into your ITSM processes: Registered users can open & track processes in the web portal themselves or search for know-how, so relieve the team in your IT service.

Process Designer

Process Designer

Intuitively usable modeling tools pave the way to tailor-made ITSM processes. Thus you can flexibly implement subsequent changes to the processes in your IT service at any time.

Dashboard und Reporting

Dashboard & Reporting

All relevant KPIs for your management at a glance at all times. Visualized comprehensibly at the click of a mouse. Whether real-time monitoring of critical fault messages, conspicuous CIs or SLA violations.

Good Punch for your IT Service Management



You maintain all assets and CIs in the integrated CMDB. Thus all necessary information is directly available in ConSol CM/ITSM.



Thanks to an open interface concept, the connection of inventory solutions or a CSV import into ITSM is easily possible.



A graph display in the ITSM software visualizes relations between the different CIs.



You work differently? No problem. All processes, fields and views can be customized as needed.


On time

The ITSM software automatically calculates and monitors SLAs based on various criteria. A sure thing for you & your customers.



Individual dashboards show the current ticket volume and accumulations for individual CIs. E.g. for the IT department or your management.



All information, documents and e-mails in the ITSM software are linked to the prevailing ticket or CI.


Team player

Different people and teams as well as management can perform their tasks in one and the same ITSM system.



Why reinvent the wheel? Use proven ITIL processes in your IT Service Management to process tickets and tasks quickly and conveniently.

ITSM Software ConSol CM: References

Please find references & best practices from companies in various industries in the field of IT Service Management according to ITIL as well as Help Desk & Support.

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ConSol CM Field of Application: Complaint Management, IT Service Management (ITIL)
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DOKA GmbHDOKA GmbH:Doka GmbH relies on ConSol CM in its internal help desk

ConSol CM Field of Application: Internal IT support, ITSM according to ITL