Saes Management –
more deals in less time

Accelerate your sales activities and
keep the overview
with the software ConSol CM/Sales.

Process lead efficiently and reliably. Create quotes at the touch of a button. Keep a close eye on all sales targets and successes.

Maximum Customizability – Our Sales Management Solution Turns Your Workload Into a Workflow


More than Sales

Our  Prozess Engine  is a powerful tool: Digitally cover both sales management and other business-critical processes & automate any workflow department- or company-wide.


Maximum Configurability

With the   Low Code Platform  as a basis you are flexible: easily adapt workflows to changes and create new solutions yourself. Your users become your process developers & managers.


Made in Germany

We guarantee the legally compliant handling of your data at all times. We know the GDPR requirements & address all   Security Aspects  with our "made in Germany" solution.

Our  Integrated Search simply finds everything when you urgently need information: Whether tracing a project status, reconstructing processes, searching for participants, recovering a previous communication or extracting data from a closed project: with ConSol CM Search, you'll always find what you're looking for.

Automate your routine tasks

Capture new leads – manually or automatically via all channels, e.g. email, telephone or social media.

Don't worry about responsibilities. Thanks to workflow logic, all leads are automatically forwarded to the responsible teams or employees.

Keep your customers up to date at all times: Save valuable time with flexible auto response functions and configurable sample texts.

Process your contacts quickly and reliably

Keep your appointments safe with reminders and Outlook integration.

Keep track of all customer information – whether call history, visit reports or activities.

Respond quickly to customer contacts. The intelligent mail engine assigns inquiries correctly and informs them immediately.

Dedicate your time to the customer – not to documentation

Sell even faster. Create offers and cover letters with intelligent templates – whether email, PDF or Word.

Minimize your coordination processes: Integrate decision-makers systematically with integrated approval workflows and adjustable thresholds.

Capture all data intuitively and selectively. The intelligent form control always requests the right data.

Keep track – from sales history to sales forecast

Focus on your customers: Historize all customer activities and bring them together clearly.

Maintain an overview of all sales activities: Individual dashboards show you where you stand and what needs to be done.

Conduct targeted sales analyses. Whether sales forecast or customer feedback: All data comes together in the data warehouse.

Adapt CM/Sales to your sales processes and not vice versa.

Control lead processing according to your specifications. Our intelligent process logic automates routine tasks and monitors your To Dos.

Tailor CM/Sales to your needs: Flexible modeling tools allow you to adapt processes and data structures.

Let the system grow with your organization. No matter what you change – CM/Sales grows with you and your requirements.

Sales Management Software CM/Sales – References

Please find references & experiences from various industries for the sales management software CM/Sales as well as further information on processes in the area of sales management, lead management & marketing.

Your added value for a faster sales cycle


Easy to use

The clear client guides you safely through the processes and facilitates the training of new users. This minimizes the error rate.



Whether telephone, e-mail, customer portal or website. Capture all leads uniformly, digitally and centrally.


Easily customizable

You determine the sales process. CM/Sales adapts to your data structures and processes at any time.


Can be used company-wide

Departments, branches, subsidiaries - integrate other areas of your company and ensure reliable processing of all leads.



Data silos were yesterday. The ConSol CM/Sales sales software offers you flexible interfaces via which you can conveniently connect your third-party systems (e.g. master data, ERP).



Analyze your sales success: whether sales opportunities, sales forecast or closing rates - the integrated data warehouse provides you with all the necessary data.