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Add-ons: Flexibly extend ConSol CM

ChatGPT Integration, Business Analytics, CTI and more: We offer you the opportunity to book additional functionalities that enhance the basic system and optimize your landscape of workflows.

That's What We Call Workflows! Use Our Add-ons

CM/AI Assist: Using ChatGPT GDPR-Compliant in Customer Service

CM/AI Assist is the synergy of ConSol CM and ChatGPT, concretely relieving your support team. Thanks to our GDPR-compliant ChatGPT integration, your customer service can handle ticket floods more quickly and comfortably: The AI assistant filters the most important statements from long customer emails, so you can generate individual tickets as needed and assign them correctly. Personal data is removed before interacting with ChatGPT. And the best part: At the push of a button, ChatGPT creates response suggestions for you, which only require a brief review.

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CM/EBIA: Business Analyses at the Press of a Button

CM/EBIA (Embedded Business Intelligence and Analytics) offers extensive reporting functions in ConSol CM – as easy-to-use self-service components. Compile reports and dashboards autonomously, without having to call on a report specialist and without third-party software. With the integrated single sign-on you prevent double user guidance: simple and secure usability. We make your self-generated dashboards and data analyses available in the ConSol CM web client.

CM/Resource Pool: Product Database

The add-on CM/Resource Pool makes it possible to model, map and integrate additional information that is important in the business process or customer context as an autonomous entity: e.g. contracts, hardware, product information or SLAs. In doing so the data object "Resource" can be connected up with entities such as procedures & contacts. This makes a multi-perspective view from resources to connected customers and processes possible (and vice versa).

CM/Outlook: Outlook Integration

With the Microsoft Outlook add-in, e-mails and contacts can be transferred directly from Outlook to ConSol CM, without staff members having to manually copy or type in data. That reduces the error rate, improves the data consistency and saves time. With just one click you can:

  • Take a contact from Outlook and set it up in ConSol CM,
  • Enter an e-mail into the record of an existing procedure,
  • Add an e-mail attachment to the procedure,
  • Create an entirely new ticket from an e-mail.

CM/Archive: Archive System

With the aid of the add-on CM/Archive procedures can be stored permanently outside the ConSol CM database, where they no longer burden the production database. CM/Archive is an application with its own GUI modelled on a document database.

The added value: The entire performance of a system improves and costs for database storage are reduced. In addition, finished tickets remain available permanently and the archiving of, for instance data-protection-relevant information, is done in accordance with the statutory requirements, and automated according to freely-definable criteria. If data sets are to be deleted from the archive later, this can also be easily configured.

CM/Forms: Simply Create Web Forms Yourself

With CM/Forms, companies can generate and design web forms in just a few minutes. Whether it be feedback questionnaires, contact forms or complaint inquiries, the response boxes are placed in moments and your form can go online. All forms are of course connected to the business processes in ConSol CM, so that stored data can be further processed directly.

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