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Fluid Workflows thanks to ConSol CM

Simplify your unique business processes by transforming them into true workflows. Our Workflow Management Software provides a centralized processing system for tasks, featuring collaboration options, reduced media disruptions, and faster outcomes.

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Your Process in a Transparent Workflow

With our fully flexible solution, ConSol CM, we digitally map your custom processes. The result: a transparent workflow that connects individual steps and keeps your team informed about the status of each task. This prevents knowledge gaps and facilitates collaboration among all stakeholders. A detailed requirement analysis precedes the workflow design to consider all possible branching points.

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Efficient Cross-Team Work with Automation

Reminders, deadlines, response times: Store all information centrally in the system using our integrated SLA control. Automatic notifications remind you of appointments and open to-dos, even across different departments. This allows you to work efficiently across teams.

Core Feature: Creating Workflows with the Web Admin Suite

Have there been changes in your processing structure? Has one of your processes become shorter or expanded with an additional stage? With ConSol CM, this is no issue: The Web Admin Suite is a web-based, low-code platform offering all the necessary tools to define and model your workflows. It allows you to modify them as needed during operations, or even to create new data fields effortlessly – all without any need for programming skills. Our system adapts to your requirements.

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Centralize Data Consistency: Easily Integrate Third-Party Systems

Utilize ConSol CM as the central database for all the information you need. This prevents interruptions to your workflow and the need to work in other systems. Simultaneously, it simplifies data maintenance and hygiene. By using Webhooks, you can incorporate data from applications such as procurement, social media platforms, or chat tools into your processing workflows.

Generate Analyses & Reports at the Click of a Button

Keep all data up-to-date: Our real-time dashboards provide you with an overview of open and completed activities at any time. Would you like to create reports on processing times, response times, or the number of completed processes? Thanks to our integrated web-based Business Intelligence tools, you can generate ad-hoc data queries with a click and optimize your processes in the long run.

Workflow Management Software ConSol CM: References

Here, you will find exemplary references from various industries for our custom enterprise projects.

What Is a
Workflow Management System?

A Workflow Management System is a software solution that controls, monitors, and analyzes all digitized business processes within an organization. Companies use Workflow Management Systems for the digitalization, automation, and optimization of processes and workflows to manage and coordinate the flow of tasks, information, and documents within their organization.

How Does a 
Workflow Management System Work?

Workflow Management Systems are typically pre-configured, offering numerous standard workflows. For the individual needs of teams, departments, or entire companies, workflows can be quickly and efficiently customized. They often feature intuitive tools, allowing employees to create, model, and optimize basic workflows even without programming knowledge. In the ConSol CM Web Admin Suite, a web-based interface, you can define, model, and modify your own workflows during operation using the Process Designer. Learn more about this in our components.

What Can a
Workflow Management System Achieve?

The term "workflow" adds more momentum to its stiff German equivalent, "Arbeitsablauf" – when business processes get into the flow, they start to flow or stream. Fewer media breaks, manual interruptions, trips to the printer, or team discussions – workflows remove obstacles to the success of all parties involved. This is where the potential of Workflow Management Systems lies. While digitalization of the economy is in full swing, small and medium-sized enterprises, and even large corporations, are lagging behind and not taking advantage of new business opportunities, more productive work, and more. Through Workflow Management, they can initially digitalize analog business processes, then automate them, and ultimately optimize them permanently.

Why Do We Need a Workflow Management System Today?

The need for a Workflow Management System arises from the increasing complexity of modern business processes. In a world where companies must juggle a multitude of tasks, employees, and systems, it's easy to encounter bottlenecks, delays, and errors without the right tool support. This is where the Workflow Management System comes into play. It offers numerous advantages:

Application Areas for Workflow Management Systems

  • Customer service in all industries: For faster handling of customer inquiries, such as customer service at HARIBO.
  • Complaints management: For efficient handling of complaints, such as at Munich Airport, addressing root causes and documentation, e.g., in 8D reports.
  • Business administration: For managing HR processes, financial workflows, and project management, as demonstrated by our client Doctors of the World.
  • Healthcare: To improve patient care and manage medical tasks, as seen with AOK.
  • Manufacturing: To optimize production processes and quality control, as shown by our client Mitsubishi Electric.
  • Logistics: For tracking supply chains and inventory, exemplified by EURO-LOG AG.
  • Government: For modernizing workflows, improving interdepartmental collaboration, centralizing the collection of citizen inquiries, and more, as demonstrated by the City of Potsdam.

Get to Know ConSol CM!

We are here to assist you personally. In a video call, we take the time to address your specific questions and use cases. Secure your preferred appointment now - without any obligation or cost.

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