With the process management software ConSol CM you bring digital momentum to your business processes and remain flexible in every respect. Use our Enterprise Suite to digitize and control your individual business processes. Or rely on our standard solutions if you want to get started quickly. And if processes change, you can adapt your digital processes in the twinkling of an eye. Whether individualized or standardized: With ConSol CM you can easily record inquiries from customers, employees and partners, control them purposefully and solve them quickly – wherever you want. Thus you are ready for tomorrow’s challenges.

Process Management Software ConSol CM

Everything you need for flexible and simple control of your processes


User Interface

The heart of the software guides the user through the planned process activities – and presents all relevant data intuitively and safely.


Email Management

Full email integration lets you keep track of incoming and outgoing email. Create and manage as many text modules and sample letters as you like and make your correspondence much easier.

Process Designer

Process Designer

Intuitively usable process modeling tools pave the way for customized business processes. You can also flexibly implement new requirements and subsequent process changes at any time.

Mobile Bearbeitung

Mobile Processing

The Mobile Client (as app for iOS and Android) offers the full functionality of the web client on the go. Technicians or field representatives can add data and photos, work on open processes or start new ones on site.


Self Service Portal

Integrate customers and partners directly into business and communication processes: Registered users can start and track processes in the web portal themselves – or search for solutions and know-how. So you can relieve your service team.

Dashboard und Reporting

Dashboard & Reporting

All relevant KPIs at a glance. Visualized comprehensibly at the click of a mouse. This allows you to continuously optimize the workflows in your company. On the basis of resilient data.

  • 70%

    70% reduction of time-to-market with ConSol CM.

  • 89%

    89% of all users confirm that their customer relationships have strengthened and intensified since the introduction of the BPM tool ConSol CM.

  • 95%

    95% of all ConSol CM customers are highly satisfied with the precise tailoring of their BPM processes.