A workflow tool that does it all:

Transparent inquiry processing, fast support and first-class customer service


ConSol CM - The Process Management Platform

We offer you the best software so that you can offer the best service

With ConSol CM you create the perfect service experience for your customers and staff: Our software helps you to efficiently bundle and process the most varied of issues in one single tool, thus speeding up your entire business. We digitalize and connect all the individual process steps into a comprehensive workflow. Use ConSol CM to wow your stakeholders with first-class service.

ConSol CM boasts an ingenious and flexible structure. Together we make your processes more streamlined, more efficient and more transparent. Perhaps you have already digitalized some of your processes but are still working analog at key points in the process chain. With ConSol CM, bulky Excel lists, convoluted documents and lost e-mails are a thing of the past!

20.000+ Users trust ConSol CM

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Ready to Use – The ConSol CM Standard Products

You want to get started right away? Excellent! Our three standard products are ready to go, out of the box and without further programming. Need customizations within the standard solution? No problem! Our platform is flexible and can be configured to meet your needs.

You need a
solution for your
individual business

ConSol CM is a low code platform that can be used to digitalize processes in any field, so it offers all the options you need for your specific processes:

Maximally adaptable

The basic structure of ConSol CM is so lightweight that we can tailor it precisely to your needs.

Strong foundation

ConSol CM provides exactly the right amount of code and structure so that we remain flexible for you, while at the same time keeping extra programming and development costs to an absolute minimum. We can easily satisfy your requirements with additions to the basic product.

  • 70%

    ConSol CM can reduce your time to market by 70%.

  • 89%

    of all users confirm that their customer relations have improved and intensified since launching
    ConSol CM.

  • 95%

    of all ConSol CM customers are "very happy" with the custom-tailored alignments of the software to their processes.