Add-ons: ConSol CM for Flexible Expansion

The ConSol CM core product itself is designed to allow companies to digitalize processes straightforwardly in order to process business-critical procedures even more efficiently. We also provide various extra features you may book for expansion whenever you need to optimize your procedural landscape.

The objective: We make life easier for you, spare you a number of manual activities and provide information with just one click.

Procedures can be Fun! Use these Add-ons:

CM/Track: Self-Service Portal

The integration of CM/Track is especially recommended if service teams within a given business procedure are supposed to be relieved of standard enquiries. Customers registered with ConSol CM can actively monitor and track their tickets themselves. This implies to

  • open a ticket and monitor its processing status,
  • comment on tickets and send attachments,
  • close tickets,
  • search for similar, already resolved procedures (FAQ search).

CM/EBIA: Business Analyses at the Touch of a Button

CM/EBIA (Embedded Business Intelligence and Analytics) offers comprehensive reporting features in ConSol CM directly – as a self-service component that is very easy to operate. You may independently create reports and dashboards without having to involve a reporting expert specialist and without a third-party software. Using the integrated single sign-on, you avoid duplicate user guidance: Enjoy the simplified and safe usability. Neatly arranged, we implement the dashboards & data analyses you create yourself directly into the ConSol CM Web Client.

CM/Resource Pool: Product Database

The add-on CM/Resource Pool allows to model and integrate additional information important in the business process or in customer context as stand-alone entity: e.g. contracts, hardware, product information or SLAs. Thereby the data object “Resource” can be linked to already existing entities like tickets and contacts. Thus, it allows for a multi-perspective view on resources of related customers and tickets – and vice versa.

CM/Outlook: Outlook Integration

Using the Microsoft Outlook add-in allows for transferring e-mails and contacts directly from Outlook to ConSol CM without having employees copy or type data manually. This reduces the error rate, improves data consistency, and also saves time. Just one click and you can:

  • create a new contact from Outlook in ConSol CM,
  • transfer an e-mail into the log file of an existing ticket,
  • attach an e-mail to the ticket,
  • create an all new ticket from an e-mail.

CM/Phone (CTI): Telephony Integration

The CM/Phone add-on represents a CTI solution (Computer Telephony Integration) for the implementation of ConSol CM. CM/Phone connects your company’s telephone system with ConSol CM in a way that allows you to handle inbound and outbound calls directly via ConSol CM Web Client. On inbound calls a pop-up window opens automatically displaying name and telephone number of the caller.

CM/Machine Learning: Self-Learning Text Recognition

The integrated add-on extends the process management software with features for machine learning (ML) and natural language processing. It allows for the software to automatically process time consuming manual activities using algorithms accordingly trained. This includes e.g. prioritizing enquiries in accordance with language, customer sentiment or subject, as well as dispatching them to the appropriate team.

CM/Archive: Archive System

The CM/Archive add-on supports you in storing tickets permanently outside the database, thus reducing the load of the productive database. The CM/Archive application has its own GUI developed on a document-based data base.

Additional values: The system’s overall performance improves while costs for database storage decrease. In addition, closed tickets are permanently available, also does the archiving of e.g. data security-relevant information comply with legal specifications. Archiving takes place automatically according to individually definable criteria. It can also be simply configured to delete data records from the archive at a later time.

CM/Forms: Simply Create Web Forms Yourself

Using CM/Forms allows companies to create and design web forms within minutes. Feedback questionnaire, contact or complaint form – you can set the entry fields and put your form online in no time. Of course, all forms are interconnected with the business procedures in ConSol CM, this way stored data can be processed directly.

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