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Abrechnungszentrum Emmendingen: Business Processes Set the Pace

The Abrechnungszentrum Emmendingen (ARZ) helps health insurance companies to increase their efficiency and performance and is a reliable partner in accounting and document management. Since 2005, the Central Service Center (CSC) – divided into front and back office – has been processing its customer inquiries with the customer service management solution ConSol CM. The CSC front office records every incoming service request in a ticket, which runs through defined workflows in ConSol CM. Inquiries can thus be routed quickly and specifically to the correct contact person.

In the course of a comprehensive restructuring in 2009, all specialist departments were also connected to ConSol CM and the overarching processes were moved to the centre of attention in order to ensure software-assisted ticket processing without media disruptions.

ConSol Field of Application

Customer Service


Abrechnungszentrum Emmendingen


ConSol CM

Wrap up

The Abrechnungszentrum Emmendingen uses ConSol CM to process customer inquiries in the central service center and the specialist departments. The connection of Sales and IT Service Desk makes ConSol CM the central internal communication platform.


  • Focus on business processes: clearly defined workflows and responsibilities
  • Transparent processing history - at any time, centrally, across departments
  • Knowledge base for immediate solutions
  • Meaningful reports