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Doctors of the World: Digitalized Process Management with ConSol

Digitalization is forging ahead at the humanitarian organization Doctors of the World Germany. The technical basis for making its processes simpler, more efficient and standardized is the process management solution ConSol CM. The first step it took was to optimize the organization's applicant management. Now, its job offers and applications are taken care of entirely digitally on the new platform – from receiving applications, to coordinating the job interviews, all the way through to hiring the new staff members. The new environment bears numerous benefits for Doctors of the World, such as data protection conformity, clarity and traceability. The staff members profit from clearly structured and documented processes. The CM module "EBIA" (Embedded Business Intelligence and Analytics) helps the organization to obtain key figures and reports at the press of a button. Doctors of the World will continue on its digitalization journey, and successively realize a growing number of its processes with ConSol CM. Currently already in planning is a "digital personnel file", which contains all of the process steps relevant to human resources, from onboarding to offboarding.

ConSol CM Field of Application

Process Management

Applicant Management


Doctors of the World




ConSol CM

Wrap up

The organization Doctors of the World has modernized and optimized its applicant management process with ConSol CM.


  • Job offers and application process using the digital platform
  • Clarity and traceability of the application status
  • Compliance with data protection regulations