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EURO-LOG AG: Satisfied Customers Thanks to ConSol CM

EURO-LOG AG, headquartered in Hallbergmoos near Munich Airport, is one of the leading providers of IT and logistic services. With its own data centers, innovative applications and individual connections, more than 80 employees ensure the end-to-end efficiency of logistic processes between suppliers, logistic service providers, trade, industry and customers. If the customer is satisfied, so is the service provider: Professional CSM and fast and efficient processing of customer inquiries are high priorities for EURO-LOG. For this reason, the Customer Support Center (CSC) department is already successfully using the web-based ConSol CM software for customer support.

ConSol Field of Application

Customer Service

Customer Support




IT service provider, Logistics


ConSol CM

Wrap up

ConSol CM enables the IT service provider's Customer Support Centre (CSC) to process customer enquiries more efficiently and offers greater transparency and control as a uniform customer platform.


  • Processing efficiency through clearly defined processes
  • Optimum quality of service: precisely comply with SLAs via escalations
  • Transparency in all customer data and enquiries
  • Minimal training effort