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Europ Assistance: Lean processes with ConSol solutions

Automation and und optimization of business processes are obligational for each company. The insurer’s IT therefore took on the task to consistently interlink core processes digitally and thus interconnect individual processes cross-workflow. The ConSol solution also offers specialist departments and business analysts the opportunity to model processes largely independent of the IT. State-of-the-art web technologies for a simple and intuitive design of business process are available via the user interface. The administration tool allows for a targeted ConSol CM management. A graphical configuration supports the process design and business processes may be flexibly tailored by means of intuitively operable modelling tools.

ConSol CM Field of Application

Digitization and cross-linking of core processes


Europ Assistance




ConSol CM

Wrap up

Europ Assistance's goal was and still is to gradually digitise and interconnect the company's core processes.


  • Individual processes become workflows
  • Business analysts can model processes independently via the Process Designer