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STARK Deutschland: Reducing processing times – increasing customer satisfaction thanks to ConSol CM

With about 260 branches and 6.000 employees STARK Deutschland is one of Germany’s leading builder’s merchants. The company operates a distribution network with generalists like Raab Karcher and specialists like Keramundo. ConSol CM is used by STARK Deutschland in the claim and return management and runs in the cloud. The company’s stated goal working with ConSol CM, was to further increase customer satisfaction, reduce the ticket processing time and lower expenditures in the logistics center.

Before ConSol CM was introduced, claims, and returns still had to be recorded and processed manually – a considerable administrative effort. Due to ConSol CM, the processing steps are now automated: for each incoming inquiry a claim or return ticket is created in ConSol CM. As soon as the ticket is closed, it automatically goes to QM inspection, where it is edited for internal use to prevent future errors.

ConSol CM Field of Application

Claim Management

Returns Management


STARK Deutschland


Construction, Trade


ConSol CM

Wrap up

ConSol CM has replaced manual complaints and returns management at STARK Deutschland. Our solution now runs scalably in the cloud.


  • Reduced processing time for enquiries
  • Less work in the logistics centre
  • Increased customer satisfaction