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Whether it be complaint management, your IT help desk or ticketing: ConSol CM gives you outstanding solutions for processing inquiries efficiently, transparently and inexpensively. Achieve consistently positive service experiences for your customers, staff and stakeholders and increase your business value. ConSol CM is available as both a Cloud and an On-Premises solution.

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A product is always only as good as the staff who use it. So their level of satisfaction is very important to us. Because only contented employees are motivated and dedicated to looking after our customers and follow projects through from A to Z to the best of their ability.

Kai Hinke
Head of CM Software at ConSol

As a ConSol CM customer you are not just one of many. From the word go we take individualized care of you and your demands on a software solution. We want our customers to also be our partners. And a partnership doesn't start only when the software is purchased, it begins way before that when the first contact is made with our salespeople.

Florian Fiessmann
Head of CM/Sales

When customers contact us in Support, it's because they have serious issues: they don’t know what to do next; things have come to a standstill and mostly colleagues or bosses are getting impatient waiting for an output. In situations like that, customers can count on us to the fullest! We assess the issue with them together and often delve deep into the involved technology. But despite our love for things technical, it is the people who are most important to us. The best result for us is when the customer and Support are both really happy with the solution we have found together.

Florian Anwander
Head of CM/Support

We focus on your specific demands on a software when digitalizing your processes. We will be happy to show you – in an online demo if desired – how well we cater for your needs and how ConSol CM can make your everyday business easier to master. You won't hear any empty sales platitudes from our team. We want you to reap the maximum benefit from ConSol CM and find precisely the solution you need.

Vivian Heilemann

For me there is no better profession than mastering our customers' challenges together with ingenious software developers and using cutting-edge technologies. Your voice as a customer bears very special weight for us. It is the key driver of our daily work: In Product Management we are the interface between your needs and the market trends, transforming them into new functionalities in ConSol CM.

Jan Zahalka
Head of Product Management ConSol/CM

Customer Service
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Outstanding Customer Support & Lean Processing

ConSol CM offers several possible solutions for perfect customer service:

You are looking for a tool with which your team can process general customer inquiries in a structured and centralized way? Then ask us about our product CM/Ticketing!

You want to process complaints and returns even more professionally in the future, and compile 8D reports? Then we would love to show you CM/Complaint – our comprehensive, lean package for complaint management and customer services.

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