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When it comes to digitalizing procedures and automating workflows, we are the partner with the experience you need. Our ConSol CM platform for digitalization offers you a number of solutions that support you in processing procedures efficiently, transparently, and economically. To the ultimate benefit of your employees and your management. And you will increase your business value as well. As cloud or on-premise version, ConSol CM can be applied immediately and it can be adapted according to your needs any time.

Maximum Customizability – Our Case Management Solution Turns Your Workload Into a Workflow


More than ONE Process

Our  Prozess Engine  is a powerful tool: Digitally cover both case management and other business-critical processes & automate any workflow department- or company-wide.


Maximum Configurability

With the   Low Code Platform  as a basis you are flexible: easily adapt workflows to changes and create new solutions yourself. Your users become your process developers & managers.


Made in Germany

We guarantee the legally compliant handling of your data at all times. We know the GDPR requirements & address all   security aspects  with our "made in Germany" solution.

Our integrated searcch simply finds everything when you urgently need information: Whether tracing a project status, reconstructing processes, searching for participants, recovering a previous communication or extracting data from a closed project: with ConSol CM Search, you'll always find what you're looking for.

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