Complaint Management –
for highest customer satisfaction

With our ConSol CM/Complaint Software you keep
your complaints under control – for
even more confidence in your quality.

Keep your service promises. Process complaints efficiently. Ensure the quality of your products and services.

ConSol CM complaint management: Flexible standard for a rapid processing of customer inquiries


Now ready for You

CM/Complaint comes with predefined processes for claims & returns. Complaints and service requests can be handled easily with an integrated process as well. 8D reports can be created at the push of a button.


Flexible yet Standard

A change of process is needed or a new data field? Our standard is based on a low code platform: changes can be made any time without any problems nor programming efforts.


Cloud & On Premise

Your decision: ConSol CM is available as an on-premise solution within your IT infrastructure or as a cloud service. Web based, platform-independent and dynamically adapting to growth.


Made in Germany

We are well aware of the DSGVO and guarantee any handling of your data in conformity with the law. „Made in Germany“ stands for data security and transparent business practices.

Make work easier for your employees

Convert incoming inquiries automatically into complaint cases: Web portal, web form or e-mail - new inquiries are automatically recorded and assigned to the right customer.

All complaints at a glance. Whether individual or collective complaints: Record all processes with just a few clicks and link the related products.

Recognize the customer status immediately: Make the right prioritization - CM/Complaint automatically distinguishes VIP customers or customers with open cases.

Speed up your complaints processing

Check complaints supported by the system: Whether warranty deadlines or reasons for complaints – CM/Complaint supports you semi-automatically in checking and evaluating new cases.

So that your employees do not miss anything: CM/Complaint guides you through the process and checks all necessary entries for completeness.

You can quickly identify conspicuous features: All data on previous complaints is displayed immediately when new cases are created for each partner or customer.

Offer your customers the service they wish to experience

Keep your service promises: The integrated SLA control enables you to control reaction times individually – and reminds you in time.

Reliably integrate other specialist departments: The workflow ensures cross-divisional processing together with goods receipt/dispatch, repair teams or QM.

Ask your customers how good your service is: Automated feedback processes ask for customer experience and provide information about improvement potential.

Analyze the quality of your complaint teams

Keep an eye on all data updated on a daily basis: Our real-time dashboards provide you with an overview of open and completed activities at all times.

Make targeted service analyses: The integrated data warehouse provides you with all performance data on demand.

Track your customer satisfaction: Evaluate customer feedback cyclically and get warned in case of negative ratings.

Adapt ConSol CM to your complaint processes – and not vice versa

Control complaints according to your specifications: Our intelligent process logic automates routine tasks, forwards requests in a targeted manner and monitors your to-dos.

Tailor CM/Complaint to your needs: Flexible modeling tools allow you to adapt processes and data fields.

Let the system grow with your organization: No matter what changes you intend to make, CM/Complaint grows with you and your requirements.

Involve your retailer actively – with elegant self-service

Offer your retailers a personal service area: Our interactive customer portal offers your retailers better service. And more efficiency for you.

Give your retailers all they need to know about the status of their complaint: Online order tracking informs retailers and reduces additional inquiries.

Shorten necessary checks: Define mandatory fields when generating complaints via the web portal to simplify the complaint check.

Your added value for the best complaint management



Whether telephone, e-mail, or customer portal: Record complaints uniformly and centrally throughout your company – no matter which channel they use to reach you.



Integrate e-mail and letter templates into the editing process and benefit from more convenience and speed in your communication with customers, suppliers and retailers.


Easy customizable

The processes in your complaint management set the tone. Tailor all standard processes and data structures in ConSol CM precisely to the needs of your company.



Are your customers and retailers happy with your complaints processing? Find out and integrate sub-processes that automatically query customer satisfaction after the complaint is completed.



Data silos were yesterday. The web-based system ConSol CM offers flexible interfaces through which in the event of a complaint you can easily connect your ERP/master data systems or specialized applications.


Quality Assurance

With ConSol CM you get better and better. Thanks to the integrated data warehouse, you can evaluate all processes for your quality management and your continuous improvement.

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