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With ConSol CM's complaint management solution, you can leave Excel and other poorly suited tools behind you. With Consol CM/Complaint, you have all the information you need in front of you and can process customer issues far more reliably. Because all the data can be assessed with ease in Consol CM/Complaint, you can quickly find out what caused damage and avoid those causes in the future: 8D reports included! Save costs and stress, and keep your clients happy.

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Complaint Management with ConSol CM: The Versatile Standard for Rapid Query Processing


Complaint Management Out of the Box

CM/Complaint comes with predefined processes for claims and returns. Thanks to a fully integrated process, you can also use it to deal with complaints and service inquiries with ease. It also compiles 8D reports.


Flexible Despite Being Standard

Need a process change or new data field? Our standard is based on a low code platform, so changes can be made with ease at any time, without complex programming.


Cloud & On Premises

You decide: Choose between ConSol CM as an on-premises solution within your IT infrastructure or as a cloud service. Web-based, platform-independent and growing dynamically as you do.


Made in Germany

We are fully GDPR compliant and guarantee lawful treatment of your data at all times. "Made in Germany" means data security and transparent business practices.

At Last More Clarity on Complaints

Get out of the jungle of Excel tables and lists, and enter CM/Complaint. Regardless of the channel the complaint comes through – be it a web portal, an online form or an e-mail – all incoming complaints and returns go into one tool, where they are converted into procedures and can be prioritized and dealt with precisely by your team. The current status of each query is visible to all team members at all times.

Process Complaints Faster and More Reliably

Thanks to the system-supported process, your team can't overlook anything anymore: ConSol CM's complaint management leads them step by step through the procedure and checks that all entries made in full. We place great value on transparency. All process steps are documented in the ticket and automatically triggered e-mails mean no gaps can arise in the process chain. Furthermore, errors and damage cases can be traced comprehensively.

Eliminate Causes of Damage Forever and Compile 8D Reports

Because you can analyze damage cases with ConSol CM, you can remedy them fast and prevent them from occurring again. That saves time and costs, and improves your customer service. Our software also gives you the option of working in accordance with the industry norm 8D. Have the system automatically compile 4D and 8D reports, so you can professionally document cases and work in line with quality management requirements.

Portal Connection for B2B and B2C

Offer your dealers a personal service area. Our interactive customer portal CM/Track offers your dealers important information, and you more efficiency. Your customers can view the status of their complaints using the portal, and of course it can be designed in your corporate identity. You also need to integrate a B2C channel? We will be happy to set up the interfaces to marketplaces whenever you require.

On Top: Straightforward Customer Service in a Simple Customer Service Process

Sometimes incoming inquiries aren't specifically complaints or returns. Some are more generic issues such as questions about delivery times, product availability or the like. Our software provides a no-fuss customer service process for responding to this kind of inquiry. It comes at no extra cost as part of CM/Complaint.

Complaint Management Software ConSol CM: References

Here you will find references and success stories from various industries relating to complaint management projects with our software ConSol CM.

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Your added value for the best customer service



Whether by telephone, e-mail or through your customer portal: Document complaints centrally and uniformly, irrespective of the channel they come through.



Integrate e-mail and letter templates into your process and benefit from greater comfort and speed in your communication with customers, suppliers and dealers.


Easily Customizable

Your complaint management processes set the tone. Tailor all the standard processes and data structures in ConSol CM precisely to the specific needs of your company.



Are your customers and dealers happy with your complaint management? Find out by integrating process that ask them about their customer satisfaction when the complaint has been dealt with.



Data silos are a thing of the past. The web-based system ConSol CM offers flexible interfaces with which you can easily integrate your ERP/master data systems or specialized applications in the event of a complaint.


Quality Assured

With ConSol CM you keep getting better. Because thanks to its integrated data warehouse, you evaluate all your procedures for your quality management and continuous improvement process.

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