The complaint management software ConSol CM/Complaint handles customer complaints company-wide. Workflow-controlled, structured and efficient. Use the system to check complaints and warranty claims, store the entire communication with the customer and control returns and repair processes as required. Analyze the reasons for complaints and errors and derive measures for continuous improvement.

Complaint Management Software CM/Complaint

Keeping Service Promises. Controlling Complaints Efficiently. Inspiring Customers.



  • Recording of customer requests via telephone, customer portal, e-mail or Facebook
  • Intelligent search for (partially) automated assignment to customer data
  • First auto-response via e-mail


  • Connection of the request to ongoing or completed processes
  • Examination of warranty claims
  • Initiation of returns dispatch directly in the complaint management software


  • Receipt of goods, repair capability check and, if necessary, coordination of estimates with customers
  • Control and tracking of repair processes
  • Fast arrangement of spare part supply, product exchange or credit note


  • Comprehensive overview of telephone and e-mail communications
  • Configurable template management for access to e-mail or Word templates
  • Query and evaluation of customer satisfaction in the sub-process customer feedback


  • Consolidation of all selected data for evaluation in the integrated data warehouse
  • Possibility of carrying out evaluations of complaint reasons for quality assurance
  • Evaluation of customer feedback to improve customer loyalty and processes

User Interface

The heart of the software guides the user through the planned process activities – and presents all relevant data on the complaint and customer at a glance, intuitively and safely.

Process Designer

Process Designer

Intuitively usable process modeling tools pave the way for customized business processes. You can also flexibly implement new requirements and subsequent process changes in the complaint management software at any time.

Dashboard und Reporting

Dashboard & Reporting

All relevant KPIs at a glance. Visualized comprehensibly at the click of a mouse. Whether real-time monitoring of your complaint cases or evaluations for quality management in your company.

Good Punch for Your Complaint Management



The real processes in your complaint management set the tone. Cut out all standard processes and data structures in ConSol CM exactly for the needs of your company.



Whether telephone, e-mail, customer portal or Facebook. Capture customer inquiries & error messages uniformly and centrally – no matter which channel customers use.



With ConSol CM you set quality standards – because workflow control ensures, for example, compliance with freely definable SLAs and processing deadlines.



Integrate e-mail and letter templates into the handling process in ConSol CM and benefit from more convenience and speed in your communication with customers, suppliers etc.



Specialist departments, technology, shipping, subsidiaries – simply integrate other company departments, support them and thus ensure reliable and uniform processing of all customer concerns.



Are your customers satisfied with your complaint management? Find out and integrate sub-processes that automatically query customer satisfaction after the complaint process has been completed.



The entire customer communication and all processing steps are available at all times and stored in a auditable & compliant manner regarding the requirements of the DSGVO.



Data silos are water under the bridge. The web-based system ConSol CM offers flexible interfaces via which you can conveniently connect your master data or specialist applications in case of a complaint.


Quality Assurance

With ConSol CM you get better and better. Thanks to the integrated data warehouse, you can evaluate all processes for quality management and continuous improvemen.


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