Your Ticket out of the E-Mail Chaos!

Use the ConSol CM ticketing software for recording and immediately processing inquiries. Orphaned messages in e-mail boxes or unwieldy Excel lists are a thing of the past: nothing will get lost anymore and your team will be happy. It has never been that easy to provide great service.

Areas of Application for a Ticketing Software



Your small or medium size IT team need a slim Trouble-Ticketing-System in order to correctly prioritize and process support requests.

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You are looking for a solution derived from ITIL standards? Our product CM/Helpdesk will take you to the next level.


Internal Services

Your employees deserve the best service as well. With the help of your colleagues’ internal tickets, you control internal services like orders, applications or even authorizations.


Customer Service

Small & medium size teams in support and sales profit from our solution. Stay close to your customers and provide a positive customer experience.

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Are claims, returns and complaints your subjects of relevance? In that case our CM/Complaint is the right product for you.


Service Digitalization

Requests directed at you e.g. in the area of public, social and health services arrive through different channels. All inquiries to a team will be centrally recorded as tickets.

Clarity in a Jungle of Tasks provided by CM/Ticketing

Consolidate inquiries from various sources and record them as tickets in a central entrance tool. From here, your team members can organize, prioritize, and delegate their tasks. The current processing status, showing what has been done already and by whom, is visible for all.

More Efficiency through Transparency

A colleague is sick and you have no access to the e-mails? There was a change in the team and you want to know the tasks that are still open? Our ticketing solution helps you to avoid idle time or duplicate efforts: We create process transparency for all users, so they are able to keep working seamlessly.

Facilitate Communication & Plan Team Work

The CM/Ticket-System offers valuable functionalities that help you to facilitate team dialogue and team work. Communicate directly from the ticket, deposit for your team deadlines and resubmissions and process inquiries in a coordinated and professional way. No information will be lost.

The Digital File – Traceable and Evaluable

No more differing filing locations or bits of information! The ticket becomes your digital file – including comprehensive process documentation, complete & audit-proof history and traceable communication. The data collected in the ticket are evaluable, e.g. processing time, type of inquiry or load peaks. Nothing is lost and you will be able to keep optimizing your work.

The ConSol CM Ticketing Software as Platform: A flexible standard product


Ticketing out of the box

Immediately ready to go: CM/Ticketing comes as a turnkey preconfigured solution. Convert inquiries from different channels centrally to tickets. If needed, you can derive tasks for your team from the ticket.


Flexible yet Standard

A change of process is needed or a new data field? Our standard is based on a low code platform: changes can be made any time without any problems nor programming efforts.


Cloud & On Premise

Your decision: ConSol CM is available as an on-premise solution within your IT infrastructure or as a cloud service. Web-based, platform-independent and dynamically adapting to growth.


Made in Germany

We are well aware of the DSGVO and guarantee any handling of your data in conformity with the law. „Made in Germany“ stands for data security and transparent business practices.

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